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How Do I Import Another User Old OST File? Best Way

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There are several reasons why users want to import the old OST file of another user. Now, transferring an OST file, like transferring emails from one Outlook account to another, is not as simple as transferring files, images, and other data. Outlook contains crucial mailbox files like emails, contacts, calendars, and other mailbox data stored in OST and PST file format and therefore utmost accuracy and precision are necessary while importing all its content.

Let’s first discuss the difference between OST and PST file format.. When Outlook is configured to use a POP server. The data is saved in PST format. Also, when our Outlook is configured via IMAP, it not only creates an OST file but also supports exporting a PST file to transfer Outlook emails to another account using OST to PST Converter.

Reason To Open Another User’s Old OST File

  • When an employer is switching from an organization.
  • If a user wants to import an OST file to another profile.
  • When the OST file gets corrupted.

How To Import Another User’s Old OST File Via Manual Approach?

If you have an active sharing profile with an active OST file. Then you can proceed with Outlook import/export. But this manual has its limitations that we have discussed after the solution. So, let us see the instructions as we have discussed below:

  • Launch Outlook and then click on the file tab in the taskbar.
  • After that, click open and export and then hit import/export options.
  • Find Export to a file in the import/export wizard list and click Next to continue.
  • Then click on the Outlook data file and then press the next button again.
  • Browse the mailbox folder you want to import.
  • Lastly, set the destination location and then press Finish to exit this process.

Limitations Of the Manual Approach

  • It required a lot of spare time and effort to finish this process.
  • Users must have deep technical knowledge about the specific platform they are working on.
  • The data can be exported, but some parts will be deleted  during the process.
  • This manual technique is not capable of converting orphaned, corrupted, and oversized OST files.
  • Users must already have Outlook installed with an active profile to perform this process.

How To Open Another User’s Old OST File Via Professional Technique?

As you can see, there are many limitations to the manual technique. Therefore, we recommend you choose SysTools OST Converter is an exclusive tool and a great choice to convert single or batch OST files without facing any limitations. This software is specially created with special programming to get accurate results without facing huge challenges.

  • Download OST Converter on your Windows computer and then launch it.
  • Browse the OST files and enter them in the software panel.
  • Hit the PST option in the list of file extensions.
  • Lastly, set the destination for a resulting file and then hit export to get the result instantly.

Other Prominent Features Of Using Professional Software

  • It kept the mailbox data hierarchy the same as the original. 
  • This wizard is very easy to perform for all types of computer users without having advanced technical knowledge.
  • You can also recover and convert orphaned, damaged, unmounted, and oversized OST files with this solution.
  • It also converts specific data based on date range, subject, sender, and recipients through the filter feature and is also useful for skipping unwanted files.
  • No need to download other software to finish the process.

Observational Verdict

I have explained almost all the essential information that is required to import another user’s old OST file. We also explain the basic introduction to the OST file and also mention the reason behind this question. In addition, we have also provided a manual and professional approach. Manual approaches are free but not without limitations, while professional solutions are completely risk-free. If you can take a chance with your mailbox data. Then, you can opt for manual technique. Otherwise, we recommend you go for professional software as we have discussed in this post to get the solution immediately and save your time and effort.

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