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Windows Live Mail No More: Transfer WLM EML Emails to Outlook 2019

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Introduction: Do you want to import your emails from Windows Live Mail into Outlook 2016? You’re not alone if you’ve struggled to transfer your emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. Importing data from Windows Live Mail is not natively supported by Microsoft Outlook. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the EML to PST Converter to move your emails seamlessly from Windows Live Mail to Outlook.

Although Windows Live Mail has long been a popular email program, maintaining your mailbox may be challenging. On the other hand, Microsoft Outlook is the email client of choice for many people and is recognized for its user-friendly mailbox maEagement capabilities.
Many customers want to switch from Windows Live Mail to Outlook because Outlook offers newer features and better security than Windows Live Mail, which is being phased out. You can locate the ideal answer with the aid of this guide.

Motives for Switching from Windows Live Mail to Outlook

  • User Base Diversity: When compared to Windows Live Mail, Outlook has a more user-diverse user base.
  • Simplified Email Management: While Outlook is renowned for its effective email management tools, managing email data in Windows Live Mail can be difficult.
  • Discontinuation of Windows Live Mail: There are no longer any updates for Windows Live Mail.
  • Windows Live Mail can occasionally show the error with the ID 0x800ccc0f, which has an impact on both security and speed.

How to Move Emails Manually From Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2016?

You can carry out the following manual procedures if you already have an Outlook account and certain EML files to transfer:

  • Create a new folder in your inbox in Outlook by opening it.
  • Find the EML files that you wish to move.
  • Drag the chosen EML files into the new Outlook folder while the cursor is over them.
  • You’ve now successfully synchronized your EML files with Outlook.

Problems with the Manual Approach

  • The manual technique has drawbacks and difficulties even if it can be effective for some users:
  • EML files are shown in Outlook as attachments rather than being included into email body text.
  • Potential Data Loss: During the conversion process, there is a chance that some data will be lost.
  • Time-consuming for several EML Files: Manually transferring several EML files might be laborious and ineffective.
  • Disrupted Data Integrity: The manual method may cause your data’s arrangement and hierarchy to become disorganized.
  • Technical Knowledge Necessary: It requires users to have in-depth familiarity with both systems.

Email migration from Windows Live Mail to Outlook is a Professional Solution.

We advise utilizing the GainTools EML to Outlook PST Converter, a professional tool that enables you to convert Windows Live Mail emails into a format compatible with Outlook, to get over the drawbacks of the manual technique. Without sacrificing data integrity, this utility can convert an infinite number of EML files at once.

Here is how to move your emails using the GainTools EML to Outlook PST Converter:

  • Launch the app after installing it on your PC.

  • Enter the EML files you wish to transfer into the program interface after choosing them.

  • Select “PST” from the list of available saving choices.
  • Click “Convert” to get your output right away after choosing your chosen output destination from the drop-down menu.

Using a professional Solution has Several Benefits.

  • Enhanced Data Security: The program makes sure that your mailbox’s data structure is managed correctly and securely, protecting your original data.
  • Flexible Conversion Options: You may use the program to convert EML files to a number of other formats, including PDF, PST, MBOX, and more.
  • User-Friendly Interface: This solution doesn’t require a lot of technical expertise to use.
  • Options for Filtering: To streamline the process, it provides filtering features that allow data to be converted depending on parameters like date range, subject, destination, and receipt.
  • No Extra Software Is Required: To finish the transfer procedure, no other software installations are required.

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Importing Windows Live Mail to Outlook 2016 is an increasing trend as more people switch to more sophisticated email clients. Both a manual method and a professional solution are available to users for migrating. The manual approach has drawbacks and can fall short of what you were hoping for. Therefore, we advise selecting a professional service that streamlines the procedure without hassles and offers a flawless approach to converting your emails from Windows Live Mail to Outlook.


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