Switching to Outlook? Learn to Export from Windows Live Mail

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Your quest is over if you’re looking for the quickest way to import Windows Live Mail EML files into Outlook. This thorough instruction will show you how to transfer your Windows Live Mail emails into Outlook in the simplest possible way. Read this entire essay to ensure you obtain the greatest results as soon as possible.

Expert Technique for Outlook Windows Live Mail EML Import

The GainTools EML to Outlook PST Converter can assist you in achieving your goal of a flawless Windows Live Mail to Outlook Import. This utility can easily do the process, no matter how many files you need to import. The method is simple since it requires little from you and runs fully autonomously.

Let’s examine some of this tool’s outstanding characteristics in order to fully comprehend its perfection.

Principal Elements of the Software

  • Mass Migration: The tool’s most notable feature is its capacity to concurrently import a huge number of Windows Live Mail EML files into Outlook, which makes it highly effective.
  • Manual Data Selection: The procedure is completely in your control. Select the individual Windows Live Mail EML files that you wish to import from the list.
  • In order to preview and evaluate EML files before adding them to Outlook, the program functions as a supported EML file viewer.
  • Multiple Preview Modes: It provides a number of viewing options, including hex and raw views, headers mode, content mode, and even headers mode, which makes it perfect for forensic investigations.
  • Using the built-in search tool, you may easily identify certain items by quickly filtering emails based on a variety of criteria.
  • The option to select a different place to save the newly produced files gives you flexibility in file management.
  • The capabilities of this tool go well beyond what is seen here. You must use it for yourself in order to realize its full potential.

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How to Import Windows Live Mail EML in Easy Steps to Outlook?

  • Install the tool on your computer by downloading it first and then following the on-screen directions.
  • Launch the program: After installation, launch the program.

  • pick a Windows Live Mail account that has already been established, or manually pick particular EML files.
  • Choose EML Files: Choose the Windows Live Mail EML files you wish to import by browsing through them.
  • preview documents Preview the files you’ve chosen in a variety of views, such as content, headers, hex, and raw.

  • Use the search tool to discover certain emails based on parameters like the subject and time.
  • Export as PST: Select PST as the saving format from the Export menu.
  • Choose a location where the converted files should be stored.
  • Start Conversion: To begin the conversion process, click the save button.

  • When the conversion is finished, you will be notified and given access to the location of the resulting PST files. They may now be added to Outlook.

Questions and Answers by Users

Question: Can the program concurrently convert numerous EML files?

Answer: Yes, the software allows for simultaneous conversion of an infinite number of EML files.

Question: Does the program work on Mac computers?

Answer: No, the program is made for Windows-based gadgets, including those running Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and previous versions.

Question: Is there any software that I need to download in order to utilize this application?

Answer: No, no further downloads are needed; the utility is fully independent.

Question: Is this program easy to use for non-technical people?

Answer: Yes, the user interface is designed to be simple and user-friendly for those with various levels of technical knowledge.

Question: Why would I need to use Hex view to see my emails?

Answer: Forensic investigations need the use of hex and raw views, and this program has the capabilities needed for them.

As a result,

Delete the trouble of manually importing Windows Live Mail EML into Outlook. You now have a great solution that eliminates the need for manual data transmission thanks to the advice in this tutorial. This program is your best option for a seamless changeover due to Outlook’s compatibility with PST files. Try it out to see how easy it is to transfer your Windows Live Mail emails into Microsoft Outlook.

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