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The world of construction and infrastructure development relies on the might of heavy machinery. Today, we’re delving into the specifications of two remarkable machines that are shaping construction sites globally. Join us as we explore the JCB 3DX Super Backhoe Loader and the JCB 100C1 Excavator, both engineered for excellence and efficiency.

Featuring: JCB’s Backhoe Loader and Compactor

JCB 3DX Super Backhoe Loader:

This JCB Backhoe Loader is a true workhorse. Boasting a gross power of 74 horsepower, it stands ready to take on challenging tasks. With a hydraulic oil capacity of 20 liters, it ensures smooth and responsive operations. The machine can lift a maximum of 3000 kilograms and reaches an impressive 5050 millimeters at full height. Weighing in at 8010 kilograms, it offers both power and stability. The backhoe bucket has a capacity of 1 cubic meter, making it ideal for heavy-duty work. With an ex-showroom price ranging from ₹34 to ₹36 lakh, it’s a formidable addition to any construction fleet.

JCB 100C1 Excavator:

The JCB 100C1 Excavator is a powerhouse in itself. It has a 100 horsepower engine that provides excellent performance at work. It has an operating weight of 9733 kg and is designed for heavy lifting and digging. Although it has no carrying capacity, it comes with a 0.6 cubic meter bucket capacity for efficient storage. The hydraulic system is precisely tuned for a maximum digging depth of 2740 mm. Priced between ₹26 to ₹28 lakh, this JCB machine is very useful for construction professionals.


JCB 3DX Super Backhoe Loader and JCB 100C1 Excavator are excellent choices among construction machines. Their strength, precision and durability make them indispensable in every workplace. Visit Infra Junction to dive deeper into these systems and discover their capabilities.

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