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2 Ways to See Instagram Profiles Without Account

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If you are willing to learn about how you will be able to view your Instagram profiles without even having an account on the platform or without even logging into the platform, then this blog might be helpful for you.

Looking at Instagram Profiles Without Logging into an Account

If you are wondering whether it is possible to view Instagram without an account, then the answer to the question is yes; you surely can watch the profile you want without logging into your account.

Below are the steps that you are supposed to follow to watch the Instagram profiles you want without even having your own account on Instagram.

  • The first step that you are required to follow is to access your device, which has a proper internet connection, and open the browser, following which you have to put in the URL
  • Here, in place of a username, you need to put in the username of the profile that you are willing to view, and after putting in the URL, you should hit the login button.
  • After hitting the enter button, you will now be able to see the profile in front of you, and you should now right-click on the photo or video that you are willing to watch.
  • You will see many options, from which you must tap on the option to open an image in a new tab if you wish to avoid signing up on the platform.
  • Now, in the separate tab, you will be able to see the image, or if it is a video, you will have to click on the video, and it will begin playing.

You will also be able to scroll down and find the comments on the photo or the video on the profile, and you can look at the Instagram profiles that you want.

View Instagram Profiles on the Platform with the Help of a Third-Party Application

You can also look for the Instagram account you want with the help of a third party, which is Imginn, for which you are supposed to follow the steps mentioned below.

You have to begin by accessing the web browser of your account, and then on the browser, you should now access the third-party application imginn. When the site is opened in front of you, you can get to the second step.

In the second step, you should now type in the profile you have been looking for in the search bar and then finally hit the enter button.

When the search results present themselves in front of you, you will now be able to find the profile you have been looking for, and once you find it, you should hit on the profile image so that you are able to view the desired profile. Now, you can anytime hit on the images and look at any of them you want to.

Wrap Up

We hope that the steps for Instagram without logging in have been helpful and beneficial for you and that you have been successfully able to use them to find the Instagram profiles you wanted.

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