How to Open emails from Outlook to Web Browser?

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Written By Della Taylor

Outlook is the most popular email program among both corporate users and regular people. This is due to its excellent performance and cutting-edge features that facilitate simple communication and data administration. Outlook saves data as a PST file, however occasionally users need to save PST file data in HTML format. Users face a difficult problem because of this. Therefore, we will describe a trustworthy method for exporting PST data into HTML/MHT format through this blog. Let’s first examine the motivations behind users who convert emails from Outlook files to HTML/MHT format.

Why do Users want to open emails from Outlook to Web Browser?

We will learn about a circumstance in this part so that we may better comprehend why users might want to store PST files in HTML or MHT file formats.

“Today, my customer emailed me a.pst file with some crucial information. The issue I have is that I can’t read or examine the data in that PST file since I don’t have MS Outlook installed on my computer. I’m curious as to how I may access my PST file in HTML format. Please offer a method for converting PST file data into HTML files that can be viewed in a web browser.

You will be enabled to comprehend the requirement to convert email messages from Outlook into HTML/MHT file formats after experiencing this scenario.

In its simplest form, HTML is a markup language used to create web pages and online applications. Web browsers such as Google Chrome, UC Browser, Edge from Microsoft, Mozilla Firefox, etc. may all be used to access HTML files.

Similar to HTML is a type of online archive file that stores HTML pages together with photos, audio files, and other media.

 How can Outlook emails be converted to HTML files?

 There is no manual method for converting PST file data into HTML/MHT file format. Therefore, consumers can utilize the Softaken PST to HTML Converter Tool, an automatic option. With this program, Outlook emails can be quickly converted into HTML files with attachments.

Additionally, this program comes with a ton of capabilities for easily converting PST emails into HTML file format. Without having to install Microsoft Outlook, it can easily convert PST file contents into MHT/HTML. It is unrestricted in terms of file size and offers an easy-to-use interface.

For conversion of Outlook emails to HTML/MHT format, follow these steps:

  1. First, on your Windows device, download and launch PST to HTML Converter.
  2. Select the PST you want to convert by clicking the Browse button.
  3. Select either the HTML or HTM file format.
  4. For saving the converted HTML file format, click the Browse option.
  5. The data from the Outlook file can be exported to HTML/MHT format by pressing the Convert Now button.

Benefits and valuable characteristics of a professional tool:-

You can gain from the software in a number of ways. Let’s talk about them:

Simple to use: You don’t need any technical assistance to use the application. The utility exports PST emails with attachments into HTML file format in only a few clicks.

No Outlook settings is necessary for the conversion; Microsoft Outlook does not need to be installed on your computer. Without using Outlook, you may export PST data to MHT or HTML.

No file size restrictions: Any huge PST file can be imported and its data exported into an HTML file format. To finish the conversion, the program did not use any size restrictions.

Maintain email attributes: Throughout the file conversion process, email headers, hyperlinks, signatures, attachments, etc. from PST files are not lost. The entire migration is successfully finished.

Completely reliable and secure conversion: With this experienced and verified application, there is zero chance that the conversion will alter the original database. It ensures a conversion that is 100% exact and precise.

You have complete flexibility to convert ANSI, Unicode, and password-protected PST files into HTML file format. Support for all PST file formats. All Outlook versions are fully supported by the program.

Free demo available to all users: You can use the software’s free trial version to test its functionality before deciding to buy it and convert the first 25 things in each folder to see how well it performs.


Many people are unaware of how to open PST file data in a format that can be viewed in a web browser. Now that they have access to this blog, they can finish the assignment with an effective and trustworthy solution. As a consequence, you can use the professional tool as stated above together with the step-by-step instructions to obtain quick and effective conversion results. Contact our support team whenever you need to if you run into any problems.


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