How to Open Zimbra Mail in Gmail in a Quick and Effective Way?

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Are you moving to Gmail from Zimbra and wondering how to open Zimbra mail in Gmail with attachments accurately? Looking for an advanced and remarkable approach to implement the process? No worries, read the entire article and a solution itself will come to you with the help of you can successfully open Zimbra mail in Gmail in a quick and effective way.

Gmail is considered as one of the secure and powerful webmail source for email management. It is in use by all types of individuals and organizations to handle their daily email communication in a large number with ease.

With time, Google has made Gmail security more robust. It is easily accessible on any device as it only requires a web-browser and internet connection. Moreover, nowadays, mobiles are having Gmail app that can be configured easily on the same.

Gmail has ample benefits which are attracting lot of users from all over the world.

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Why Users are Preferring Zimbra to Gmail Migration?

Zimbra is an open-source program which is also popularly known as ZCS (Zimbra Collaboration Suite). It consists of both Web Client and Email Server. It also offered desktop email client i.e. Zimbra Desktop but after sometime, it was discontinued under VMware’s stewardship in 2013. It restarted in 2014. But, then lot of users moved to different platform. And still, many are moving to Gmail these days.

Because cloud services are in a boom nowadays. They are not only flexible but also delivers large amount of storage capacity for large data storage.

Many people are utilizing Gmail as it gets updated every year with many more tools and features. Currently, Gmail provides apps such as Google Meet and Google Chat with the help of businesses can connect with each other in real-time. Google Drive is a platform where any individual and organization can upload their important files and documents. Google Maps help users to travel to unknown places with ease.

Moreover, the advanced security measures guarantees strict protection to email accounts by offering 2-step verification, passkeys, Google prompt, recovery phone, recovery email, and more.

Gmail is a feature-rich environment with a simplified platform and effective features that manages the business and single user database really well.

How to Open Zimbra Mail in Gmail in a Quick and Effective Way?

The instant way to open Zimbra mail in Gmail is CubexSoft Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool. One of the direct and easiest app to access Zimbra mailboxes in Gmail. The software is simple to use and offers easy operational interface that is manageable by all professional and non-professional users. Even, the steps can be operated by anyone without requiring guidance from external source.

Moreover, the application contains a lot of in-built features with the help of users can access Zimbra mails in Gmail as per their requirements. One can download the free demo of the app to check the migration of Zimbra to Gmail for free.

Working Guide on How to Open Zimbra Mail in Gmail using Zimbra to Gmail App

 Step 1. Download, install, and run CubexSoft Zimbra to Gmail on Windows. The tool has two options – Zimbra On-Premise Mailboxes help in migrating Zimbra Desktop mailboxes into Gmail & Zimbra Cloud Hosted Mailboxes allows to migrate Zimbra Webmail emails directly into Google Mail. Select the required option and click Next.

Note. We have discussed the further steps according to the first option – Zimbra On-Premise Mailboxes.

home screen

Step 2. Click on the Add File(s) button to add Zimbra Desktop files/folders on the app for migration.

select email source

Step 3. A new window will appear displaying three options i.e. Add TGZ File(s)/Add Folders/Add Extracted TGZ Items. You can use the required option to load TGZ files/folders/extracted items on the application.

select email source

Step 4. The tool will start to scan those files and list them on the software one by one. Click on the required loaded item and its files will immediately appear on the app on the right side of the tool. You can click on the required file to view its data in a Preview window.

select email source

Step 5. Take cursor to Export button. Click on it. Tap Select Saving Options property and choose Gmail option from the drop-down.

select email source

Step 6. Enter the Gmail credentialsEmail ID and App Password. Set category and filters as per your choice and click Connect.

gmail options

Step 7. The process will start and finish with a message “Process Completed Successfully”.

select email source

Click on OK and go to specified Gmail profile to check the results. However, you will see that the migrated database is accurate and folder structure is also appearing in a correct form.


The write-up has offered a remarkable approach to resolve “how to open Zimbra Mail in Gmail”. CubexSoft Zimbra Converter is a perfect method for migrating unlimited Zimbra data to Gmail directly at once. It assures fast processing and accurate results in a short time. Download the freeware version on any Windows OS version and analyse the migration process by accessing first 25 Zimbra mails in Gmail with attachments for free.

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