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How to Import Access ACCDB Database into SQL Server?

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The growth of your business and organization brings with it an increase in the amount of storage and management. As your data size approaches the 2 GB mark, which is the limit for MS Access, migrating to another database should be your immediate decision. If you want to transfer an Access ACCDB database into SQL Server, you need to convert the ACCDB file to SQL format using Access to SQL Server Migration.

Well, SQL Server is perfect for you, because SQL Server is more secure than MS Access. It used 128-bit encryption to provide a more secure way to contain sensitive information such as products, sales or balances, sales amounts, and much more.

Why Do We Need to Transfer Access to the ACCDB Database into SQL Server?

  • SQL Server offers a much larger database as compared to MS Access.
  • SQL Server allows access to thousands of users at a time while MS Access only accesses limited users of 20-30 users.
  • SQL Server also offers web-based versions while Access only offers desktop-based versions.

How to Import Access ACCDB Database Into SQL Server?

There is no direct method to transfer the ACCDB database to SQL Server. Because SQL Server only supports SQL file extensions. If you want to import the Access ACCDB database to SQL Server, you need to convert the ACCDB file to SQL format using SysTools Access Converter and easily import it to SQL Server. This software is specially programmed to convert Access databases to SQL Server and also offers several features which we have mentioned after the solutions.

  • Download the software on your system and then open it.
  • Browse the Access folder and select the file you want to transfer.
  • After that, hit SQL Format in the list of export options.
  • Lastly, set the destination for the resulting file and then hit export to get the result quickly.

Other Benefits Of Using Alternative Tool

  • Allows conversion from ACCDB, MDB, and CSV to SQL Server.
  • You can convert schema only, schema with full data as per requirement.
  • It allows Access recovery to recover deleted records from the database with this application.
  • This application is very easy to perform without having technical knowledge.
  • You do not need to download any other app to complete the process.

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In this technical guide, we have shared almost all the information needed to import Access ACCDB to SQL Server. We also mention basic introductions about both platforms and also discuss the reason behind this question. Furthermore, we have also explained one of the best solutions to get accurate results without facing any issues. If you are contacted, all inquiries similar to these will be resolved here. Now it is yours to solve this error by following the instructions that we have discussed in this post. If you have any doubts or any other queries, you can visit our official website to connect with experts via live chat, email, or phone numbers.

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