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Know ACT vs SAT Differences by Study Abroad Ahmedabad Agents

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Scholars in India prefer to travel abroad to pursue their higher studies. But, they need to fulfil certain needs of the top colleges abroad. They have to submit the scores of entrance tests. The SAT and the ACT are the most popular exams for which they prepare hard. Thus, they need to get a decent score in such tests. Only after that, they can secure their seat in a college abroad. Students should seek help from study abroad Ahmedabad agents. These experts can better tell about both the tests. Meanwhile, read this article to decide which test to prepare for this year.

Students can turn to to prepare for such tests. It lets its users connect with the top mentors in the country. The experts can help scholars know which exam to take. They take into account all the aspects to make the final decision. The many factors include the needs, goals, interests, strengths, etc., of the fellow learners. Thus, one should approach the experts to make an informed decision. So, sign up on the platform today to get in touch with the best agents. Meanwhile, know all the differences between the ACT and the SAT.

ACT vs SAT: Which Is the Best Choice for Study Abroad Students?

The one question that scholars always ask is whether they should sit for ACT or SAT exam. The top colleges abroad accept scores on both tests. Thus, it is up to scholars which exam they prefer more. Both tests include almost similar subjects. So, which test, ACT or SAT, you should take? Aspirants can connect with Ahmedabad study abroad consultants to know the difference between the two. Also, it will help them pick the better option. Meanwhile, read this article to learn the differences between ACT and SAT.  

Time Per Question 

Students usually prefer the SAT over the ACT. This is because the SAT provides scholars with more time to attempt a single question. Thus, aspirants who are weak in the Math and Reading sections should opt for the SAT. The exam is much more workable and far less stressful compared to ACT. Meanwhile, students can get in touch with study abroad Ahmedabad agents to learn tips to manage time. They help scholars at every step of their test preparation journey. So, it is best to approach them to ensure a decent score on the exam. One can explore to connect with top mentors in the country.

Value of Math in Final Score

Math sure plays a vital role in deciding your final score on the entrance tests. Math accounts for 1/4th of the total score in ACT. On the other hand, it accounts for half of the total score on the SAT. Thus, scholars who are good at math should opt for the SAT. On the other hand, those who are weak in this subject should prefer sitting for the ACT exam. Aspirants can get in touch with the top mentors to improve their math scores on the entrance tests. The experts know all the tips to ace the math section smartly.

Science Section

The science section of both tests differs quite a bit. ACT has a separate science division, while SAT does not have any such unit. The ACT science part contains a total of 40 questions. Scholars need to attempt them in 35 minutes. Also, this section decides 1/4th of your total test score. Thus, one needs to be alert while attempting this section. Also, ACT is a better fit for science nerds. On the other hand, students rarely come across any science questions on the SAT. Scholars can get in touch with study abroad Ahmedabad agents to prepare for the science section of ACT. So, connect with them today to ensure a decent score on the test.

Random Flow of Questions

The SAT exam wins in this aspect. All the questions in the SAT paper follow a chronological order. In short, they follow the order of the passage. On the other hand, the questions of ACT do not follow such an order. They flow randomly, irrespective of the content order in the passage. Thus, scholars find it easy to answer SAT questions. Aspirants can turn to study abroad Ahmedabad agents to learn the best ways of solving both SAT and ACT questions. The experts have been part of the industry for a long time now. Thus, they know the most useful ways to prepare for entrance tests.

Optional Essay

An optional essay section of both tests is one such aspect that may help you make a final decision. ACT allows students to opt for an optional essay. On the other hand, the SAT does not offer such a privilege. One needs to have fine reading skills to opt for such a section. Scholars need to read a short essay about a recent trending issue. After that, they need to give their views on the subject matter. Also, aspirants should have good rhetorical skills to support their ideas with ample evidence.

Summing It Up

So, these were the top differences between ACT and SAT. Now you know very well which test to take. So, prepare well for it and make the most of your study abroad venture. Scholars can also seek help from Ahmedabad study abroad consultants to prepare for the test in the best way possible. The experts are well-versed in all the test preparation dos and don’ts. So, approach them today to secure a seat in a top college abroad. Aspirants can also turn to to get in touch with the best agents in the country. The platform provides top-notch quality services to its users. So, sign up for it right away to crack any entrance test with flying colours.


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