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How Much Does Air France Charge For Seat Selection?

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In The World Of Air Travel, Selecting The Right Seat Can Make A Significant Difference In Your Overall Flying Experience. Air France Seat Selection | +1-8603747705 If You’re Looking For Extra Legroom, A Window View, Or Simply Want To Ensure You’re Seated With Your Travel Companions, Knowing How Much Airlines Charge For Seat Selection Is Crucial. In This Article, We Will Delve Into The Specifics Of How Air France Handles Seat Selection Fees, Giving You All The Information You Need To Make An Informed Decision For Your Next Flight With This Renowned Airline.

Understanding Seat Selection

Before We Dive Into The Details Of Air France’s Select Seat Charges, Let’s First Understand Why Seat Selection Matters. When You Book A Flight Ticket, Airlines Typically Assign You A Seat At No Extra Cost. However, If You Have Specific Preferences Or Requirements, Such As Sitting Next To Your Family, Having More Space, Or Being Closer To The Front Of The Plane For Quicker Disembarkation, You May Want To Choose Your Seat In Advance.

The Importance Of Seat Selection

Seat Selection Can Greatly Affect Your Travel Experience.

1. Comfort

Selecting Your Seat Allows You To Choose One That Suits Your Comfort Preferences, Whether It’s An Aisle Seat For Easy Access To The Restroom Or A Window Seat For Scenic Views.

2. Family And Group Travel

If You’re Traveling With Family Or A Group Of Friends, Choosing Seats Together Ensures A More Enjoyable Journey.

3. Extra Legroom

Some Passengers Prefer Seats With Extra Legroom, Which Often Come At An Additional Cost.

4. Quick Exit

Seats Near The Front Of The Plane Offer A Faster Exit Upon Arrival, Saving You Time.

Air France Seat Selection Charges

Now That We Understand The Significance Of Seat Selection, Let’s Explore How Much Air France Charges For Seat Selection For This Service. Air France Offers Various Fare Classes, And The Cost Of Selecting Your Seat Can Vary Depending On The Class Oair france seat selectionf Service, The Route, And Your Flying Blue Membership Status.

Economy Class

In Air France’s Economy Class, You Can Generally Expect To Pay For Seat Selection Unless You Have A Flying Blue Silver, Gold, Or Platinum Status. Air France Seat Selection Is Free Prices May Vary, But They Typically Start At Around $10 For Standard Seats And Can Go Up To $50 Or More For Preferred Seats With Extra Legroom Or Seats In The Front Of The Cabin.

Premium Economy, Business, And La Première Classes

For Passengers Traveling In Premium Economy, Business, Or La Première Classes, Seat Selection Is Often Included In The Ticket Price. However, For Some Specific Seat Types, Such As Those With Exceptional Views Or Extra Privacy, Additional Fees May Apply.

Flying Blue Elite Members

Flying Blue Elite Members Enjoy Several Benefits, Including Complimentary Seat Selection In Most Fare Classes. If You Frequently Fly With Air France, Achieving Elite Status Can Be A Cost-Effective Way To Enjoy These Perks.

Dynamic Pricing

It’s Important To Note That Seat Selection Fees Can Be Subject To Dynamic Pricing, Meaning They May Change Based On Demand And Availability. To Secure Your Preferred Seat At The Best Price, It’s Advisable To Select It At The Time Of Booking Or During The Online Check-In Process.

How To Select Your Seat

Now That You Know The Cost Associated With Seat Selection On Air France, Here’s A Quick Guide On How To Choose Your Seat:

  1. During Booking: When You Book Your Flight Online, You Will Have The Option To Select Your Seat During The Booking Process. This Is Often The Most Convenient Time To Make Your Choice. 
  2. After Booking: If You Didn’t Select Your Seat During Booking Or If Your Plans Change, You Can Still Choose Your Seat By Visiting The Air France Website And Using The “Manage My Booking” Feature. 
  3. At The Airport: If You Prefer To Decide On Your Seat At The Airport, You Can Do So During The Check-In Process. However, Keep In Mind That Popular Seats May Be Limited By This Time.


In Conclusion, Air France Charges Varying Fees For Seat Selection, With Prices Depending On Factors Such As Your Fare Class, Route, And Flying Blue Membership Status. Choosing Your Seat Can Enhance Your Travel Experience, Offering More Comfort, Convenience, And Peace Of Mind During Your Journey. So, Whether You’re A Frequent Flyer Or Planning A One-Time Trip, Consider The Value Of Selecting Your Seat With Air France To Ensure A Smooth And Enjoyable Flight.


1. Can I Select My Seat For Free On Air France?

  • Passengers With Flying Blue Silver, Gold, Or Platinum Status Can Often Select Seats For Free, Depending On The Fare Class.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Select A Seat With Extra Legroom On Air France?

  • Prices For Seats With Extra Legroom Can Start At Around $50, But They May Vary Based On Factors Like Route And Availability.

3. What Is Flying Blue Elite Status, And How Can I Attain It?

  • Flying Blue Elite Status Is Achieved By Accumulating Qualifying Flights And Miles With Air France And Its Partner Airlines. The Requirements Vary Based On The Level Of Elite Status You Aim To Reach.

4. Can I Change My Selected Seat After Booking My Flight With Air France?

  • Yes, You Can Change Your Selected Seat By Using The “Manage My Booking” Feature On The Air France Website Or At The Airport During Check-In.

5. Is It Worth Paying For Seat Selection On Air France?

  • If Having A Specific Seat Is Important To You For Comfort Or Convenience, Paying For Seat Selection Can Be Worthwhile. Evaluate Your Preferences And Needs To Make An Informed Decision.


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