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Does Archiving Emails Save Space( Which One Is Better For You)

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Email archiving can free up space in your active email folders, but it doesn’t always mean that your email account will use less storage overall. Your email client or service will determine how email archiving functions, so let’s take a closer look at this idea Email Backup vs. Archive which is perfect for you

Email Folders in Use

You can create space in your current inbox and folders by transferring emails that you’ve archived out of them. Usually, archived emails are kept in a different archive folder or place.

Storage Allocation

Email providers usually give each user’s account a certain amount of storage space. You can keep emails, attachments, and other material in this storage area. Email archiving does not immediately impact the total amount of storage allotted to your account, but it does assist keep your active folders tidy and orderly.

Decrease in Clutter You may keep your inbox and active folders less cluttered and find and handle essential messages more easily by archiving emails that you no longer need to view regularly.


You may browse through and access stored emails whenever you need to using the majority of email archiving solutions. Older emails can be accessed in this manner without being stored in your primary inbox or folders.

Offline Storage

It is possible to download archived emails to your computer or local device using some email applications or services. While it could use up local storage on your device, this can free up space on the email server.

Backup and Data Retention: Archiving emails can also be used to backup and retain data, making sure you don’t lose any crucial correspondence even when it’s no longer in your active folders.

It’s crucial to remember that archiving doesn’t immediately lower the amount of storage your email provider uses; rather, it can help you organise your emails and enhance the functionality of your email client. The allotted storage capacity is still being used, and email service providers could have different guidelines when it comes to storage caps and quotas.

You might need to think about additional options if you discover that your email storage is becoming limited, like: Eliminating Superfluous Emails

You can make room in your email account by permanently removing emails that you no longer require.

Changing Your Email Scheme

Some email service providers let users upgrade to premium plans with extra capacity or buy more storage space.

Using Email Clients Locally

Using an email client (such as Outlook) to store emails locally can free up space on the email server, but you’ll need to make sure you have adequate local storage and maintain backups.

Utilising Online Storage

One way to lighten the strain on your email account is to save large files and email attachments in cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, and then link to them in your emails.


In conclusion, unless you have the ability to download and store archived emails locally, archiving emails is a useful technique to keep your inbox organised and decrease clutter in your active email folders, but it doesn’t immediately reduce the overall storage utilised by your email account.

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