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Best Railway App in India Now Delivering Jain Food in Train

Jain food is the purest form of vegetarianism. It relies on the core principles of Jainism, namely, Ahimsa. Cooking Jain food consists of stringent rules and regulations. Non-vegetarian dishes like meat and eggs are strictly prohibited. Even root vegetables, honey, and fermented foods like yeast are forbidden. The strictness makes the availability of Jain food very difficult. The complexity increases when you are travelling by train. Although you can carry homemade food on train trips, it becomes hectic when you are travelling with a large number of people.

But no worries! Here is some good news for travellers. You can enjoy the purest and most delicious Jain food in train via online food delivery services. Ecatering apps have emerged as the best app for Jain food delivery in trains. The Ecatering app is a web portal offering different food services on trains. These unique features of this food app will steal the hearts of Jain communities.

Read more to learn about the speciality of the E-catering App that makes it stand out.

Delivery of Purest Jain food

The train food delivery app has collaboration with hundreds of FSSAI-approved restaurants in the country. These restaurants deliver pure Jain food and pure veg food in train. The food is prepared under strict rules and regulations to comply with the Jain instructions. Additionally, it saves you from the unpalatable food of pantry cars.

Diversity of Food Options 

The Prime Food app doesn’t only offer Jain food delivery in trains but provides a wide range of food options as well. You can now order different varieties of Jain food via food apps, including Moong soup, Jain vada pav, Dapka Kadhi, etc. You can also add instructions as per your preferences and taste.

The Option of Bulk Food Order

Are you planning a train trip with your Jain friends? Getting bulk food for everyone must be an issue for you. No worries. You can simultaneously place a group food order on the train for everyone in your group. For this, you need to call the enquiry number given on the food delivery app. You will be asked for one of the PNR numbers to proceed with the order.

User-friendly Features 

The train food app possesses user-friendly features that are easily understandable. All you need to place a Jain food order on the train is your PNR number. The PNR number contains details of your train journey, like the train number and coach number. You can follow the following steps to order food using the e-catering app:

  • Open the train food app 
  • Enter your PNR number
  • Choose the Jain food section.
  • Select the dishes you want to order 
  • Select the station where you want the food delivered.
  • Proceed with the payment 

Your food gets shipped right to your seat as the desired station arrives.

Ease of Availability 

This is one of the outstanding attributes of this train app. Ecatering services deliver food at almost all the major stations in all the states of India. It means that wherever you travel in India, you can easily order Jain food using this app.

The E-catering App has emerged as the saviour for the Jain community in India. It was problematic for Jains to get pure vegetarian food while travelling. The train food delivery app has added to the comfort of the journey. The delivery is free, and lucrative discounts are also offered. Next time you travel by train or any of your Jain friends travel, let them know about the ease of Jain food delivery in trains using the E-catering App. It will surely make the journey carefree and enjoyable.

Author: Ecatering

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