Why Floor Tiles Are The Perfect Choice According to Vastu?

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A space’s flooring greatly influences both the overall aesthetics and the flow of energy in the area. As per the principles of Vastu Shastra, the vibrations and positive energy levels in a given room are affected by the flooring. People of India have been following this ancient practice since ancient times to build their homes in harmony with nature. Even today in the modern world, homeowners do not forget to build their space according to the suggestions of Vastu Shastra to create a positive and energetic space which is more warm and inviting. In this blog, we will discuss how you can buy the right types of floor tiles for each of your rooms from any tile shop in Puducherry according to Vastu Shastra. 

Vastu Shastra for Your Space Flooring: Things to Focus on

Since our homes are the reflection of ourselves, it is a must that we follow the right Vastu tips to improve the conviviality of our living spaces. Only by infusing the right sorts of energies within the space, can we make our houses feel like homes. That’s why it is so important to choose the right design, style, and colours while designing a house that evokes positivity and brings prosperity. 


To keep the negative energy in check in your space, you can follow the Vastu suggestions for your home flooring. 

  • Consider using the same flooring material throughout your house for consistency and optimism. 
  • The floor size should be the same at all levels of the property to encourage studies and consistency throughout the property. 
  • Consider using large format floor tiles as they offer uniformity and right-angled corners. 
  • Avoid laying tiles in a diagonal format as it can lead to misunderstandings within the family. 
  • Make sure to replace cracked tiles right away to eliminate negativity and avoid conflicts in the house. 
  • Prefer to use light-toned tiles to infuse calmness and positivity within the house, especially in the Puja room. 
  • Avoid having gaps in the flooring to prevent health risks. 

Vastu Guidelines for The Right Floor Selection

Natural Stones

According to Vastu, every house should consider using natural stones such as limestone and granite for flooring. The organic feel of the natural stones helps to create symmetry and congruity within the space. Besides that, these flooring materials also help in connecting with the earth’s elements which aids in elevating stability and grounding. However, these stones are pretty expensive, and not everybody can lay them in their space despite their magnificent look. If you want to find a good flooring option to replace natural stones and something more reasonably priced, you can think of using natural stone tiles like granite tiles, slate tiles, and limestone tiles which are not only more affordable but also more durable and easy to maintain than their real counterparts. 

Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring is widely recommended in Vastu because wood helps to infuse warmth and natural beauty into every space where it is used. People often consider real hardwood like oak, walnut, and teak if they want to have wooden flooring in their space, be it residential or commercial. However, they are costly and not very durable. Instead, you can consider using wooden tiles that have the same appearance as real wood but with much higher longevity. You can explore a variety of wooden tiles in any reputed tile shop in Puducherry. Just like their expensive counterparts, these tiles can help to increase positive energy flow while bringing comfort and luxury within the space. 

Marble Flooring

Marble has been used for ages as a symbol of luxury and positivity in houses. As per the suggestions in Vastu, marble flooring evokes purity and positive energy flow within the space. In addition to that, marble flooring is well-admired and valued flooring for all sorts of spaces, especially in white and lighter tones, as it helps to elevate the sense of calmness and peace while adding a modern vibe to the space. However, considering the affordability and maintenance needs of real marble stones, it is best to go for marble floor tiles with glossy finishes that beautifully imitate the look of real marble while requiring minimal maintenance. 

Light-Toned Tiles

While choosing tiles for your floor, you should prefer to choose light-coloured floor tiles. According to Vastu, lighter tones like cream, white, and beige offer a positive energy inflow and can even brighten up the space if you use glossy tiles. Also, it is better to avoid using black or dark colour tiles as it is believed that darker hues absorb energy and create a heavy atmosphere. 

Avoid Irregular Shapes

As per Vastu, it is better to avoid irregular shapes and patterns for flooring. After all, Vastu says that irregular shapes and patterns can interrupt the energy flow and can even lead to imbalances and negative energy inflow within the space. So, you should prefer to choose floor tiles of regular shapes and patterns, creating a sense of stability and order. 

Balancing All Elements

According to Vastu, every element is linked with a certain direction. That’s why you need to determine the dominant factors in each room while selecting the floor tiles. For example, wooden tiles are perfect for East and South directions while marble tiles work for North and Northeast directions. 


Irrespective of the colour and material you select for your home flooring according to Vastu, the key to maintaining prosperity is to keep cleanliness. Vastu suggests that the floors should be cleaned daily for health and happiness to follow your way. That’s why it is always good to select a low-maintenance flooring material like tiles. Reach out to a good and trusted tile shop in Puducherry such as Orientbell Tiles Boutique to find good-quality tiles to beautify your space while gaining success in life.

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