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Which Planet Is Responsible for Finance in Astrology?

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Rich individuals possess specific traits that aid them in achieving their life goals. But as luck plays a fundamental role in each area of life, it cannot be ignored. Therefore, you cannot reject the relationship between effort and good fortune. Vedic astrology’s karmic principles are a wonderful example of these concepts. It claims that the positive actions of past lives are what determine all of our success and pleasure.

The seven grahas (planets) that make up Vedic astrology—the Sun, Mars, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn—are based on their movements. Rahu and Ketu (shadow planets) are also included.

Among the planets that govern money and prosperity are Venus and Jupiter. These planets are referred to as the wealth and prosperity indicators. In the planetary chart, the houses of money are 2, 5, 8, 9, and 11.

Jupiter and Venus together, which rule the 2nd, 11th, 5th, and 9th houses, will bring about outstanding fortune, and Jupiter’s aspects will magnify the effects of money and wealth even further. The methods for obtaining money are affected by planetary positions. If these planets are in the fifth house, money may come through speculating, playing sports, or enjoying other forms of entertainment. 

The cash may come from an inheritance if certain planetary combinations are in the eighth house. Therefore, the only planet that fits the twelfth well and will bring money and wealth is Venus. The wealth is better the stronger the positioning. Additionally, for more information, one can free chat with astrologer online.

Planetary chart houses and their importance

  • The second house is associated with finances, financial issues, and how income is earned.
  • The 11th house is associated with huge gains and one-time flows of significant amounts of money.
  • The ninth house is the house of wealth and good fortune. The fifth house is the home of speculation, intelligence, stocks, trade, and artistic ability.
  • The eighth house suggests inherited financial wealth.


Jupiter is linked to development, wealth, recovery, luck, and miracles. Long-distance international travel, higher education, great commerce and fortune, religion, and the law are all governed by Jupiter. Freedom and exploration, as well as playing games and having fun, are other benefits. When Jupiter is in the second or eighth house in the planetary chart, its location is crucial.

There are three aspects of Jupiter (Drishti). Further, they fall under aspects 5, 7, and 9. Further, with its location and aspects, this planet has an impact on four houses in a horoscope. It improves your capacity for learning and aids in improving academic achievement. Additionally, an unexpected lottery win, making your own path in life, or getting to know a billionaire with money are all examples of activities that can indicate financial rewards.

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Venus gives splendor, richness, and beauty. It only has one component, the seventh element, which aids in the buying of luxury, beauty, comfort, and cars. Venus’s position and state in a chart are very important for obtaining money. Furthermore, It’s a positive indication that you have a strong ability to attract wealth if Venus is in a favorable position in the 2nd or eighth house, which is the ruler of the money house, and has a smaller degree of attraction in the fifth and eleventh houses.


The amount of wealth individuals acquire throughout their lives is determined by numerous planets, not just one. Our Kundali placements and combinations, as well as other important variables like the nakshatras, influence this. For further detailed information, contact an astrologer.


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