What Influences the Cost of Epoxy Flooring Installation?

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Written By Lisa Cooper

Epoxy Flooring is a popular and attractive option if you plan to upgrade your garage floor. It boosts the aesthetics of your space and also offers durability and requires minimal maintenance for flooring. However, before you dive into an epoxy garage floor project you must take into consideration the linked costs. These significantly impact your decision-making process. 

This blog post delves into the factors influencing epoxy flooring price. These will provide valuable insights to foster effective budgeting. It covers material and labor expenses equipping you with all necessary knowledge for making informed decisions about your investment in an epoxy garage floor.

Factors Affecting Epoxy Flooring Prices

The succeeding section of the blog post will discuss various factors that significantly impact the prices of epoxy flooring in the long run. So, let us start discussing them below together. 

The Complexity and Requirements for Floor Preparation

It is possible to install an epoxy resin floor in vacant business facilities without immediate consequences. However, most venues requiring epoxy floors likely necessitate some form of preparation. The quality of your current sub-base significantly influences cost estimates.

When you need to undertake additional prep work, the installation cost of your resin floor will escalate. Effective preparation necessitates following these steps:

  • This operation becomes time-consuming and difficult due to severe damage or abundant debris on surfaces. Additionally, when installing epoxy flooring on uneven terrain, it may fracture or become uneven.
  • An array of sealants and protective layers on epoxy resin floors require an impeccably clean surface. Your installation’s cost may fluctuate if the working area exhibits unusual openness or susceptibility to substantial dust volumes.
  • When preparing the surface for pouring, one may encounter potential challenges such as existing vehicle garages, and ancient houses often vast and filled with a plethora of dust and other impurities due to their age or large industrial spaces.

Quality of Materials

The quality of epoxy materials varies. It is well-known that higher quality products often command a higher price. Hence, investing in premium-grade epoxy materials can result in a more durable and visually appealing garage floor. This, in turn, increases the upfront costs.

Amount of Epoxy Resin and Surface Area

The primary concern revolves around the flooring area where we will install epoxy. However, despite its status as the principal method for cost calculation, a vast array of variations still exists. When measuring a square room, consider the parameters of length and breadth and then, execute a straightforward multiplication of both dimensions to obtain the area.

Mastering this critical yet straightforward math involves considering several factors. The available floor area for the installation of poured resin flooring varies between congested residences and larger commercial establishments. Correspondingly, a reduction in the amount of used resin occurs ultimately decreasing installation costs.

The type of epoxy resin you choose, however, may also influence the cost. The price per square meter can fluctuate significantly. The size of the installation area will indeed affect costs, this factor could either be substantial or negligible.

The Sealants and Layers 

Most of the time some Resin layers are required to preserve the surface and prevent damage which may raise the price of an epoxy floor. This is true, especially when you are looking for something exceptionally tough and long-lasting.  

For instance, if you want to protect your floor from corroding you need to purchase additional sealants for that purpose. 

Color and Style Considerations

Their customisable and flexible properties make epoxy floors well-known. Homeowners or business owners may choose to incorporate various additives or flakes into their installation, offering them the pleasure of a unique custom floor surface with everlasting durability. 

Expert epoxy companies utilize dyes, chips, stain resins and other advanced techniques to include a unique flair or mimic diverse textures for standout results.

Your Installation’s Geographical Location

Urban locations are often more convenient for commuting, easier for transportation and more accommodating for installation demands in comparison to rural areas.

If you’re putting epoxy flooring outside, keep in mind that the weather conditions may slow down the installation process, increasing the overall cost. But with careful planning, this must not create a problem.


Epoxy floor coating can be customised into different thicknesses. For commercial usage, the thickness is lower than half an inch requiring many layers of application, and can be expensive. 

On the other hand, the thickness of layers ranges between 8 millimetres or more for residential purposes. However, thickness does not necessarily mean that it’s more durable. It is more important that you look at the materials being used rather than how thick the epoxy coating is.

Contractor Selection

The epoxy flooring contractor’s experience and reputation will directly influence the cost of the project. Highly experienced and skilled contractors may charge a premium for their services. Additionally, if you require additional services such as moisture testing, floor levelling or concrete repairs these will increase the project cost subsequently. 

Apart from these, some epoxy contractors offer warranties that further affect the overall cost of the project. Consequently, longer or more comprehensive warranties may increase the price. Therefore, it is highly recommended to obtain multiple quotes from reputable contractors to compare prices and choose the best option that suits your budget and requirements.  

Final Words

In a nutshell, epoxy flooring offers a durable, attractive and low-maintenance solution for transforming your garage space. By thoroughly understanding the factors influencing epoxy flooring prices and estimating the expenses associated with your project you can make informed decisions.

Furthermore, you can set your budget effectively considering the size of the garage and the type of epoxy floor you require. Additionally, if you require any more customisation the prices may increase accordingly. Obtaining multiple quotes from reputable contractors to compare prices and choose the best option that resonates with your budget and requirements helps a lot. 

Always keep in mind that investing in high-quality materials and professional installation results in long-lasting and visually stunning floors that enhance the value and functionality of your home. 

Take the first step towards transforming your floor and create a space you can show off with a beautifully coated epoxy floor. 

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