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What are the Key Performance Metrics for BPO Success?

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The success of a BPO depends on its ability to retain customers and meet enterprise goals. That means managers need to keep employees aligned with the strategic business goals and KPIs that impact their success.

A key contact center metric is average call handle time (AHT), which measures how long agents spend on calls. This metric can be assessed by day, hour or minute.

1. Agent Performance

Regardless of all the time businesses spend on improving customer satisfaction and boosting conversions, they won’t succeed if their agents aren’t up to the task. This is why agent performance must be a key focus of every BPO’s business process outsourcing strategy.

Turning your agent performance data into decisions and then actions is vital for achieving business process outsourcing goals. By mapping your agents’ ticket-handling capacity, you can discover the bottlenecks that prevent them from delivering quality service and then make targeted improvements to improve overall customer experience and agent productivity.

2. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important metrics for BPO success. It helps ensure that customers are happy with the quality of the products and services you offer, and that they will return to your business in the future. Customer satisfaction can be measured through various methods, including online surveys, social media monitoring and more. However, it is important to remember that customer satisfaction does not necessarily equate with loyalty. Satisfied customers can still switch to a competitor if they find a better product at a cheaper price.

You can measure customer satisfaction through various metrics, including average handle time (AHT), first-call resolution (FCR) and service level agreement compliance. These metrics help you assess how efficiently your company responds to customers’ queries and resolves their issues. They can also tell you whether your service delivery is on par with your competitors’.

To keep your agents happy, you should provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs effectively, such as updated technology that allows them to work from home and access the latest data. You should also encourage them to take part in team building activities, so that they feel connected to their peers and have a sense of belonging in the company. Lastly, you should make sure that your BPO company uses accurate time tracking software to record and calculate employee work hours accurately. This can prevent miscalculations and improve productivity levels.

3. Customer Effort

Customer effort is a crucial service metric that tells you how much effort customers have to put in to get help from your business. It’s one of the strongest predictors of future purchase behavior and a powerful predictor of referral likelihood. It’s a highly specific and actionable metric, allowing you to focus on distinct parts of the customer experience like how easy it is for customers to file a support ticket or navigate your website.

To measure customer effort, companies typically conduct customer satisfaction surveys that ask buyers to rate the ease of their interaction with a business. These surveys are typically rated on a 5- or 7-point scale, with options to agree or disagree (Likert scale), give a numbered rating (1 through 5), and provide emoticons (smiley scale).

The other key KPI to track is call abandonment, which measures how many customers hang up before reaching a representative. BPOs should strive to have low call abandonment rates, but they should look at this metric in tandem with other metrics to paint a holistic picture of customer experience. For instance, a high call abandonment rate could indicate that agents are not providing sufficient assistance to customers, even though their CES scores may be high. In these cases, it’s important for managers to review agents’ performance and offer feedback on what can be improved.

4. Utilization Rate

One of the key performance indicators to hire BPO experts should watch closely is utilization rate. This metric is an indicator of how much time team members spend working on billable projects and client services. While this metric can be manipulated by businesses that don’t record non-billable time, it is a great way to see how your employees are spending their work hours.

It can be calculated by dividing an employee’s total productive and billable hours with their available work hours. For example, if an employee bills 34 hours in a week and has 40 available work hours that week, their billable utilization rate is about 85% ((34 / 40) x 100). The denominator of this metric is just as important as the numerator, and it is critical to consider things like time spent on internal administrative tasks, company meetings, training, and personal professional development.

Keeping track of utilization rates is essential for measuring the success of your BPO service. By tracking these metrics early and often, you can see which teams are struggling to meet their targets and make adjustments quickly. It’s also a great way to keep your team’s morale up by identifying individuals and teams that are exceeding their targets and celebrating these wins with them. By focusing on these metrics, you can ensure that your team is doing the best work possible for your clients and improving every day.

5. Revenue

Revenue is a key performance metric that shows how much money a company makes from selling its products or services. It is also known as the top line of a company’s income statement, and it is one of the most important metrics to measure for business growth and success. Revenue is the amount of cash a company receives from its customers for goods or services, and it includes any taxes paid or withheld by the company. It also excludes any product returns, discounts and allowances.

Many companies turn to a BPO because they anticipate cost and time savings, but it’s important to set clear operating standards from the start to ensure you are getting the results you expect. Using a KPI matrix can help you keep track of your goals and objectives and compare them to the outcomes of your BPO service.

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