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Westjet Unaccompanied Minor Policy Customer Service

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In Today’s Fast-Paced World, Air Travel Has Become An Essential Part Of Our Lives. However, When It Comes To Traveling With Unaccompanied Minors, Parents And Guardians Often Have Questions And Concerns. Westjet Unaccompanied Minor Policy | (+1-8603747705) This Article Aims To Address All Your Queries About Westjet’s Unaccompanied Minor Policy Customer Service. westjet unaccompanied minor policy We’ll Cover Everything From The Booing Process To In-Flight Assistance, Ensuring Your Child’s Safe And Comfortable Journey.


Air Travel Can Be Both Exciting And Daunting, Especially When Your Child Is Flying Solo. Westjet Understands These Concerns And Has Implemented A Comprehensive Unaccompanied Minor Policy Customer Service To Put Your Mind At Ease. Let’s Dive Into The Details And Explore How Westjet Ensures A Smooth Travel Experience For Your Young Ones.

Booking Process

When Planning Your Child’s Trip With Westjet, Booking Is The First Crucial Step. Unaccompanied Minor Policy For Westjet Airlines To Ensure Their Safety And Comfort, Westjet Allows Unaccompanied Minors To Travel On Non-Stop Flights Only. This Policy Minimizes The Need For Transfers And Reduces The Chances Of Any Mishaps. Additionally, You Can Book Your Child’s Ticket Online Or Through The Westjet Call Center. Rest Assured, Westjet’s Friendly Staff Will Guide You Through The Process.

Age And Eligibility

Westjet Defines Unaccompanied Minors As Children Aged 8 To 17 Years. Young Travelers Falling Within This Age Range Are Eligible For The Unaccompanied Minor Program. This Program Is Designed To Provide Them With Extra Attention And Support Throughout Their Journey.

Escorting To The Gate

As A Parent Or Guardian, You May Wonder If You Can Accompany Your Child To The Departure Gate. Westjet Policy For Unaccompanied Minor Permits One Adult To Escort The Minor To The Gate And Remain Until The Flight Departs. This Ensures That Your Child Boards The Plane Comfortably.

In-Flight Assistance

During The Flight, Westjet’s Caring Cabin Crew Takes Charge Of Your Child’s Well-Being. They Will Provide Snacks, Drinks, And Entertainment, Ensuring A Pleasant Journey. Restrooms Are Easily Accessible, And Cabin Crew Members Are Always Nearby To Assist.

Arrival And Pick-Up

Upon Arrival At The Destination, Your Child Will Be Escorted Off The Plane And Through The Airport To The Designated Pick-Up Area. Westjet Staff Will Verify The Identity Of The Person Picking Up The Child To Ensure Their Safety.


Traveling As An Unaccompanied Minor Can Be A Memorable And Enriching Experience For Your Child. Westjet’s Unaccompanied Minor Policy Customer Service Is Designed To Ensure Their Safety And Comfort Throughout The Journey. Westjet Policy On Unaccompanied Minors By Following The Guidelines And Understanding The Process, You Can Make Your Child’s Solo Adventure A Smooth And Worry-Free One.

Remember, Your Child’s Safety Is Westjet’s Top Priority, And Their Dedicated Staff Is Always Ready To Assist. So, The Next Time Your Child Embarks On A Solo Flight, You Can Do So With Confidence, Knowing That Westjet Has Got Everything Covered.


Q: Is There An Extra Fee For The Unaccompanied Minor Service?

A: Yes, Westjet Charges An Additional Fee For This Service, Which Varies Depending On The Flight.

Q: Can My Child Travel As An Unaccompanied Minor On Connecting Flights?

A: No, Westjet’s Policy Allows Unaccompanied Minors To Travel On Non-Stop Flights Only.

Q: What Should My Child Carry While Traveling?

A: Make Sure Your Child Has All Necessary Identification, Tickets, And A Small Bag With Snacks, Entertainment, And A Contact List.

Q: How Do I Inform Westjet About My Child’s Special Needs?

A: You Can Inform Westjet About Any Special Needs Or Medical Conditions When Booking The Ticket Or By Contacting Their Customer Service.


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