Volaris Airlines Name Change and Correction Policy

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For a flawless journey experience, you need to make sure that the data of your airline reservation is accurate. Because Volaris Airlines recognizes that modifications may also once in a while be necessary, a Name Change and Correction Policy has been established. 

We will study all of the necessary aspects of Volaris Airlines Name Change policy in this in-depth guide, together with eligibility requirements, procedures, costs, and integral recommendations for travelers.

Eligibility for Volaris Airlines Name Change

Under positive conditions, Volaris Airlines lets vacationers amend or Change their names. Spelling mistakes, felony name changes, and conditions that place the name on the reservation differ from the government-issued identification are a few examples of these.

It’s great to take care of any name-related problems as quickly as feasible to ensure a seamless procedure. Name modifications have to usually be made properly in a boost of the departure date, by Volaris Airlines. 

Documentation for Volaris Airlines Name Change

Passengers are generally requested to provide supporting proof if the name change is the result of a prison circumstance, such as a marriage or a court docket order. A marriage license or a formal name change record may also be blanketed in this documentation.

Speak to an Agent at Volaris Airlines Customer Service

Travelers wishing to request a name change or adjustment via Volaris Airlines need to get in contact with the Volaris Airlines customer service. Frequently, you can accomplish this at the airport, over the smartphone with customer service, or on Volaris Airlines official website. It is fundamental to furnish reserving statistics and any pertinent documentation.

Volaris Airlines Name Change Fee

The fee for Volaris Airlines Name Change or Corrections can also vary. For particular information, it is necessary to overview the Low Fare Calender of the airlines or get in contact with Volaris Airlines customer service. In certain instances, small changes may also no longer want payment. 

No-Transfer Policy

Generally speaking, Volaris Airlines does not allow the switch of a ticket to every other individual, in line with the insurance policies of many different airlines. The Name Change and Correction Policy no longer switches the ticket to every other person, instead, it focuses on fixing errors.

Easy Process to Volaris Airlines Name Change

  • Verify Your Information Again: Make certain all of the passenger statistics are right earlier than finishing your reservation.
  • Take Care of Issues as Soon as Possible: To provide the rectification manner adequate time, take care of any name-related troubles as quickly as you turn out to be conscious of them.
  • Speak with Customer Service: Get in contact with Volaris Airlines customer service assistance to begin the name change or correction procedure. The option will go greater easily if you deal with the hassle sooner.


The Name Change and Correction Policy of Volaris Airlines is meant to assist vacationers in making sure correct and effortless journey experiences. 

Travelers can also make sure their time out with Volaris Airlines is right and satisfying by mastering the eligibility requirements, critical paperwork, prices, and how to get in contact with customer service quickly. 

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