Upraise Your Driveways With Modern Outdoor Patio Slabs

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The well-constructed driveways of a property ensure safe and convenient access to entry and exit. From pedestrians to pathways or sidewalks, driveways need to be created thoughtfully as they not only provide safety to visitors and guests but also enhance the aesthetics of the overall property. Though there are myriad ways to change the way the driveways look using lighting, decorative features, and planters, still the most fundamental element is to use the best exterior stone tiles.

It’s time to make a statement with the driveways and leave first impressions with their stylish appearance. With outdoor patio slabs, you can elevate the look of driveways, ensuring that they look inviting and offer utmost safety and durability for several years to come. To know the variety of outdoor paving tiles available for you to choose from, read this post and thank us later!

1. Porcelain Pavers

Being a highly durable material that boasts great resistance against stains, scratches, and fading, porcelain pavers are extensively used as garden patio slabs. As they are easy to maintain and frost-resistant, expert architects and decorators use them for building driveways as well. As these slabs come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes, you can think of interesting design options to create a driveway that never fails to impress others. Driveways are not only meant for entry & exit and parking but also serve as playing spots for kids, you can opt for textured porcelain pavers that provide a firm grip and prevent slipping accidents.

2. Concrete Pavers

In the quest for outdoor patio slabs to build durable driveways, you will surely cross the path with concrete pavers as they are sturdy and ensure longevity. On top of that, they offer design versatility in colors, shapes, and finishes. So, whether you want a textured finish for enhanced safety or a smooth one to add extra elegance to the outdoors, concrete pavers will serve you with everything you can ask for. Moreover, these tiles can be arranged in interesting design patterns, such as basket weave, herringbone, running bond, etc, ensuring that your driveway becomes the most captivating area of your outdoors.

 3. Natural Stone Slabs

Exuding to the fusion of modernity and timeless elegance of nature, the natural stone slabs are the most suitable material to be used as outdoor paving tiles. From granite to sandstone to travertine and marble, there is a humongous variety of natural stones that are used extensively outdoors as they are not only visually appealing but also withstand weathering and heavy traffic loads. Serving you with the best of both worlds- elegance, and durability, each of these stones is unique with distinctive properties, color variations, veining, and texture. Thus, opt for the one that aligns with your decor preferences and complements the existing aesthetics. As these slabs can be cut into different shapes, you can personalize the design patterns and add a touch of opulence to the driveway. 

4. Garden Flagstones

Commonly used in outdoor spaces like driveways, pathways, or even patios, garden flagstones are flat stones that are available in distinctive sizes, materials, and shapes. Their presence enlivens the landscapes, offering them versatility and aesthetic appeal. As these stones are created from natural materials, such as slate, limestone, or even granite, they ensure durability and longevity. Exuding more of a rustic appearance, if you are someone who likes to keep things subtle and organic, then you would love to opt for these stones. Also, these flagstones exhibit a variety of textures- from smooth to rough to give you the leeway to choose how you want your outdoor area to appear. As driveways and exteriors of a property are the extension of your interiors, make sure you choose the colors that complement the dominating decor theme. So, if your interiors are minimalistic and nature-inspired, then go for flagstones in earthy tones like browns, greys, reds, and blues. 

Wondering where to find premium-quality stones to give your driveways a stylish and eye-appealing look? Well, you may find some authentic Indian sandstone suppliers in the UK. However, make sure you read their reviews beforehand to make an informed decision. 

Now that you have already explored some amazing options for modern outdoor patio slabs to elevate your driveways, let’s delve deeper into the step-by-step ways to install these slabs:

  • First measure the size of the driveway, and layout, and be aware of the preferred design preferences.
  • To choose the modern outdoor patio slabs, always consider aesthetics durability, and maintenance needs as well.  
  • Before you lay the exterior stone tiles, prepare the surface by removing the debris from the area. Ensure that there is proper leveling so that you can install the tiles efficiently. 
  • Dig the required depth to create a stable base and compact the ground thoroughly. Build a solid foundation using crushed stone or gravel. 
  •  This one is optional but some architects and contractors suggest using geotextile fabric over the sub-base to prevent the growth of weeds. Moreover, it provides more stability. 
  • Begin the process of laying the outdoor paving tiles as per the design aesthetics and layout you have decided. 
  • Make sure you use a rubber mallet or a level to ensure the slabs are properly aligned and uniform on the surface. 
  • If there are any gaps between the slabs, then use the joint fillers or fine sand. 
  • To protect the exterior stone tiles from moisture, direct exposure to UV rays, and stains, always use a high-quality sealer. 

To make the driveways and other outdoor areas of your property appealing to the eyes, make sure you use some decorative elements like proper lighting, planters, water features, etc. 

End your search for the best outdoor patio slabs with Strata Stones. This brand is synonymous with quality, and thus you will always get your hands on the premium-quality material to create the driveway of your dreams. To maintain the splendid look of your outdoors, clean the slabs regularly with mild detergent and water. This cleaning regime will ensure that you enjoy the beauty and functionality of your driveway for posterity.

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