Top 4 Free Methods to Convert EML Files into PDF Format

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EML files are preferred by a number of email applications, including Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, and others. Not all email clients are able to open EML files. Because of this, every transaction involves the exchange of several papers. They often employ a file format that is simple to send. You may easily carry out the aforementioned tasks, including charging clients, distributing essential documents, and keeping client accounts using PDF formats.

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This article will go over numerous methods for converting EML files to PDF. We’ll also mention Softaken EML Converter, a quick and effective technique. You are able to export EML to PDF with its assistance.

4 Free Methods to Convert EML Files into PDF Format

There are various ways to convert EML files to PDF. Simply follow the steps listed below to receive your response.

  1. EML to PDF conversion in bulk using Microsoft Word
  2. Transform EML files into PDF with Microsoft Outlook
  3. With Mozilla Thunderbird- export the EML file as a PDF
  4. Secure Method for converting EML to PDF

We’ll go into more detail on each approach now. You’ll grasp things better as a result.

Method 1: EML to PDF Conversion in Bulk Using Microsoft Word

  • To locate the EML files, first navigate to File Explorer.
  • Next, right-click an EML file and choose the “Open With” option.
  • Use Microsoft Word to open the desired EML file in this case.
  • Your preferred EML file must then be downloaded in PDF format.
  • Hit the File > Save As menu item to continue.
  • Finally, select PDF > Export from the File Format drop-down menu that appears under the Export Format option.

Method 2: Convert EML Files to PDF By way of Microsoft Outlook

  • Start by opening the MS Outlook program on your local computer.
  • Next, choose EML files and drag and drop them into the MS Outlook program.
  • Then, on the left-hand panel, select the File tab > Print option.
  • Click the Print Options > Print tab in this window.
  • Select Microsoft Print to PDF from the list to continue.
  • Then select Print to get the EML file, which includes the email messages as PDFs.
  • Finally, highlight the generated file’s name and location. Select “Save” from the menu.

Method 3: Save the EML file as PDF Use of Mozilla Thunderbird

  • Install Thunderbird by Mozilla on your local computer first.
  • The EML files should then be transferred to Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Right-click on the folders that contain EML email messages to select them.
  • After that, select Export all Messages in the selected folder from the ImportExportTools NG option.
  • Select PDF as your saving choice here.
  • After that, select the location to save your output data by clicking the Browse option.
  • When you’re ready to start converting EML files to PDF, hit the OK tab.

We have covered every manual method for converting EML files to PDF files. The methods outlined above take a lot of time and effort. Furthermore, there is a good probability that important data will be lost if the internet connection fails. To fully comprehend each phase, technical knowledge is also necessary. Your EML file can only be converted to PDF once. Repeat the steps in the previous solution if you have more than two EML files. Choose the third-party tool if you don’t want to deal with any of these issues.

Method 4: Trustworthy EML to PDF Conversion

The most dependable and trustworthy program is the Softaken EML to PDF Converter. It enables users to batch-convert EML files to PDF without losing any data. For conversion into PDF files, you can select several EML files. An option exists to move emails without attachments. Before the conversion process, users can see their preferred files in a preview screen. We’ll talk about the steps now. Your doubts will be resolved by it.

Final remarks

We will summarize the full guide. In this sophisticated blog, we have covered a variety of issues. The process of converting EML files to PDF was then covered in detail.

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