Tips to Send Birthday Bouquet to Your Long-Distance Love in Dubai

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Far far away from your love on their birthday? Are you wishing to do something on their birthday that will make them happy? But being so far is breaking your heart. Don’t worry, distance is just a word, there are many online services available which will help you accomplish your wishes and make your day worth remembering. How is the idea of sending love in the form of flowers? Flowers can be a perfect gift for them as it is a sign of love, beauty and positivity. What can be more beautiful than gifting a customized birthday flower bouquet on their birthday?

5 Tips for sending birthday bouquet to long-distance love in Dubai:

Learn about flowers before gifting

Though every flower is beautiful, the most chosen flowers include the Rose as it is a symbol of love, beauty and passion. Yes, roses are perfect for gifting your partner but you can also choose other beautiful flowers uniting them into a perfect bouquet. We usually go with roses and end up ignoring other beautiful flowers without knowing them such as tulips, lilies, sunflowers, daisies and many more.

Dubai has a rich variety of flowers, so you can get several options for creatively organizing your customised bouquet.

Search reliable flower shops in Dubai

A morning with fresh flowers is a perfect start for making their day special. Beautiful flowers not only add beauty and fragrance but also give immense pleasure and make them feel special. For this, you should be very particular about choosing the flower shop which should be reliable and highly rated with good reviews.

Also, make sure that it is providing you with home delivery at an appropriate time otherwise flowers will lose their freshness. You should also notice the creativity of florists in making bouquets exquisite by arranging flowers beautifully and doing attractive decorations.

Know the prices of flowers

You should notice the information regarding the prices of the flowers. Also, look at the variety of flowers available on the website. It will help you in the proper selection of flowers. After choosing the flowers of your choice, unite them in a bouquet according to your favourite decoration. The vibrant colours of captivating flowers will make your partner glad.

Generally, the rates of flower bouquets are not so high. We can get beautiful and fresh flower bouquets within our budgets. So there’s no big issue with prices regarding flower bouquets. Customized birthday bouquets can be a little more expensive than normal flower bouquets.

Add a birthday card with the bouquet

In this era of digital text messages and video calls, send them a love letter by writing the memories and expressing your feelings, reminding them of you and your love which will certainly work in making them happy inside out. You can ask the florist to add the same to the bouquet. You can add photos to the birthday card including lovely quotes. You can also add their favourite chocolates in between to make them more interesting and attractive. 

Same-day online delivery services

Flowers are delicate and should be delivered to the chosen location at a desired time on the same day so that they may not lose their freshness and beauty. 

Enquire about online flower delivery services in Dubai. Get assurance from a reliable flower shop to get your birthday flower bouquet delivered on time at the desired location on the same day.


Birthday is a very special occasion for everyone and even more special when it comes to your loved one. Being apart is heart tormenting, but technology and online services have made it a lot easier.

Gifting flowers is a love language and a perfect present for a birthday. Make sure you place an order from the most reliable shop. Remember to ask for assurance for same-day delivery and also, don’t forget to wrap a birthday card along with chocolates to surprise your partner with flowers and make their day special even after being far away from them.

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