The Ultimate Shortcut to Split vCard (VCF) Files to Multiple Contacts

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Summary: This article is intended for users who are trapped in a scenario and are looking for a way to Split VCF into numerous files. For the same reason, we are here to provide a simple solution to this problem. For the simple procedure, read the entire article.

A vCard file, often known as a VCF file, is an electronic file. Furthermore, VCF is supported by a variety of systems, including Microsoft Contacts, Outlook, Mozilla, and others. These files are mostly used to exchange contact information. They can also be saved in single or many files.

However, for various reasons, users may wish to divide a vCard file into numerous files. However, they become stuck in the middle of the process due to some restrictions and technical understanding. In this article, we will explore both the manual and automated solutions, namely vCard Splitter, which you can use depending on your needs.

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Split VCF File to Multiple Contacts – A Simple Method

This portion of the guide will discuss the manual answer to the query to split VCF into numerous files. If you’re seeking for a free solution, make sure to read this section thoroughly. Because a freeway has various limits, which we will discuss after the process. This procedure is broken into two stages. Let’s get right to the action.

Methods for Splitting a VCF File into Multiple vCard Contacts

  • Download and run the vCard Splitter application.
  • To add multiple VCF files, click the Add File button.
  • Then, choose the vCards by tapping the Export option.
  • Then, select the split vCard option.
  • Finally, click the Export option to finish the process.

Part 1: VCF to Windows Contact Conversion

  • To begin, navigate to C: users’%username% contacts and click the Import option.
  • Now, in the Import to Windows Contacts dialogue box, select Import. Then, choose the vCard file choice and press Import.
  • Then, in the “Select a vCard file for import” window, navigate to the location and select a vCard File.
  • Finally, select the file and press the Open button in this step.
  • A Properties window will now display. The contacts are displayed here. Make modifications as needed in the future.

Part 2: Contact to a Single File in Windows

After completing the preceding phase, proceed with the following procedures in order to split VCF into numerous files.

  • Now, in Windows contacts, click the Export button. Select the files by holding down the () button and the CTRL key.
  • Select vCard (folder of.vcf files) from the Export Windows Contacts menu. Then, select the Export option.
  • Finally, go through the folder and select the files you desire. Then press the OK button.
  • Limitations of the Manual vCard File Splitting Technique
  • Though the above-mentioned technique is capable of splitting vcf into numerous files, it has significant downsides. Let us deduce it from the following points:
  • You must provide the details and confirmation for each contact in the VCF file throughout the import procedure.
  • If you purposefully or unintentionally push the cancel button for one contact, all of the relevant context import procedures will be canceled at the same time.
  • You cannot pick and export a specific contact; it will always export all contacts.

Smart Method for Splitting a VCF File into Multiple Contacts

As previously said, the manual technique is capable, although it has some limits. Splitting certain contacts will be simple, but splitting the entire mailbox will be difficult. In this scenario, we offer you the smart WholeClear vCard Splitter Tool to split VCF into numerous files while overcoming any limits.

This utility software has some wonderful features and can make splitting vCard into multiple files a breeze. This software, in particular, is intended to resolve such scenarios. Furthermore, it is simple to use software. As a result, no technical knowledge is necessary. It also includes trial versions.

  • The vCard Splitter Tool Operation
  • To begin, download the tool and use the Add File option to select the files.
  • Get a preview of the file you’ve chosen.
  • After that, click the Export option to select one or more.vcf files.
  • Choose Split vCard from the menu.
  • Following that, you will see the Export button, and your process will be finished.


This post discusses the solution to the query to split VCF into numerous files. We also discuss manual and automatic alternatives to make your work more reliable and simple. Aside from that, we have a manual procedure with significant downsides. In such a case, we also present you with a simple way to overcome the constraints. Overall, you get to choose which option you want.

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