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How Does Seat Selection Work On Southwest Airlines?

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When It Comes To Air Travel, Choosing The Right Seat Can Make A World Of Difference In Your Journey’s Comfort And Convenience. Southwest Seat Selection In This Comprehensive Guide, We Will Explore The Intricacies Of Seat Selection On Southwest Airlines. Whether You’re A Frequent Flyer Or Planning Your First Trip With Southwest, We’ve Got You Covered. From The Booking Process To Special Accommodations, We’ll Provide You With Expert Insights And Insider Tips To Ensure You Have A Seamless And Enjoyable Flight.

1. Booking Your Southwest Flight

How To Begin

When You’re Ready To Book Your Southwest Airlines Flight, Visit Their Officithwest Seat Selection In This Comprehensive Guide, We Will Explore The Intricacies Of Seat Selection On Southwest Airlines. al Website Or Use Their Mobile App. Enter Your Departure And Destination Cities, Travel Dates, And The Number Of Passengers.

Seat Selection

Southwest Airlines Offers A Unique Seat Selection Process. Unlike Many Other Airlines, Southwest Does Not Have Assigned Seating. Instead, They Use An Open-Seating Policy. Passengers Are Divided Into Boarding Groups, And Seat Selection Occurs During The Boarding Process.

Boarding Groups

Southwest Passengers Are Divided Into Three Boarding Groups: A, B, And C. Group A Boards First, Followed By B, And Then C. The Order Within Each Group Is Determined By The Time Of Check-In. Checking In Early Increases Your Chances Of Getting Your Preferred Seat.

2. Boarding And Seat Selection

The Boarding Process

As Southwest Airlines Does Not Have Assigned Seats, Passengers Are Free To Choose Any Available Seat Once They Board The Aircraft. Your Boarding Group And Position Within The Group Will Determine Your Priority In Selecting A Seat.

Finding Your Seat

When You Board The Plane, You’ll Notice That Seats Are Not Numbered, But Rows Are. You Can Select Any Available Seat Within Your Designated Boarding Group.

Family Boarding

Southwest Airlines Is Family-Friendly. Families With Children Aged Six And Under Can Take Advantage Of Family Boarding, Which Occurs After The A Group But Before The B Group. This Ensures Families Can Sit Together.

3. Special Accommodations

Passengers With Disabilities

Southwest Airlines Is Committed To Providing Accessible Travel For All Passengers. If You Require Assistance Or Have Special Seating Needs, Inform The Airline During The Booking Process Or At The Airport.

Unaccompanied Minors

For Parents Sending Their Children On Solo Flights, Southwest Airlines Offers A Service For Unaccompanied Minors. The Airline’s Staff Will Ensure Their Safety And Comfort Throughout The Journey.

Pet Policy

If You’re Traveling With A Small Pet, Southwest Airlines Allows For In-Cabin Pet Travel. Be Sure To Review Their Pet Policy And Make Arrangements In Advance.

4. Tips For Seat Selection

Early Check-In

To Secure Your Preferred Seat, Check In As Early As Possible. Southwest Allows Online Check-In 24 Hours Before Your Flight’s Departure Time.

Boarding Pass

Make Sure To Have Your Boarding Pass Ready On Your Mobile Device Or Printed Out. This Expedites The Boarding Process And Increases Your Chances Of Getting A Prime Seat.

Seat Choices

Consider Your Preferences When Choosing A Seat. Whether You Prefer A Window View, Extra Legroom, Or Proximity To The Front For A Quick Exit, Southwest Airlines Offers A Variety Of Options.


Understanding How Seat Selection Works On Southwest Airlines Can Greatly Enhance Your Travel Experience. With The Flexibility Of Open Seating And The Option To Choose Your Seat Within Your Boarding Group, You Have The Opportunity To Customize Your Journey To Your Preferences. Remember To Check In Early, Have Your Boarding Pass Ready, And Consider Any Special Accommodations You May Need. Whether You’re Traveling Alone, With Family, Or With Pets, Southwest Airlines Strives To Make Your Trip Comfortable And Enjoyable.


Q: Can I Choose My Seat In Advance On Southwest Airlines?

A: No, Southwest Airlines Uses An Open-Seating Policy, And Seat Selection Occurs During The Boarding Process.

Q: How Do I Improve My Chances Of Getting A Good Seat On Southwest?

A: Check in Early, As It Determines Your Boarding Group And Priority In Selecting A Seat.

Q: Are There Any Extra Charges For Seat Selection On Southwest Airlines?

A: Southwest Airlines Does Not Charge Additional Fees For Seat Selection; It’s Included In The Ticket Price.


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