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Siddharth Mehta on A Biometrics-Based Approach to Digital Banking

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Recent years have seen a dramatic change in how people conduct financial transactions due to the rapid progress of technology. With its convenience and flexibility, digital banking has been incorporated into our daily life. However, as the use of digital platforms grows, more robust security measures are required to safeguard user data and financial assets. Siddharth Mehta IL&FS Former Director whose company Bay Capital has invested in the digital and structural growth of India believes that emerging technology also brings aspects related to safety and strongly considers the need for safety measures with regards to financial technology or digital banking. According to him in terms of greater safety regarding digital financial transactions, fingerprints serve as a shield because of the hereditary characteristic that makes them dependable and challenging to reproduce.  

The Power of Biometrics in Digital Banking  

The term “biometrics” refers to the distinctive physiological or behavioral traits of a person utilized for identification. According to Siddharth Mehta Bay Capital CIO digital banking also enhances the aspect of digitalization and privacy and safety of the customer should be of top priority, the biometric software uses fingerprint minutiae points to scan attributes like orientation, arches, loops, swirls, ridges, or pores, storing feature data for future identity verification.  

Examples include voice recognition, facial recognition, iris or retinal recognition, and fingerprint scanning. Traditional passwords and PINs have been replaced with the convenient and safe authentication mechanism known as biometrics. This strategy has several benefits for digital banking.   

Enhanced Security  

Biometric identification techniques are extremely secure since they are based on unique, practically impossible-to-replicate traits of everyone. This lowers the possibility of fraud or identity theft and eliminates the risk of unauthorized access. Siddharth Mehta IL&FS Former Director thinks that biometric security acts as a part of customers’ safety norms and in banking, biometrics protect against cyberattacks and insider fraud. With the use of this technology, banks can provide secure employee authentication that leaves a clear audit record of each transaction.   

User Convenience  

Biometric authentication reduces the need to carry around several security tokens or remember complicated passwords. With just a touch of their finger, a quick look at their device’s camera, or a few whispered phrases, users can quickly access their accounts. This simplifies the login procedure and enhances user experience generally. Siddharth Mehta Bay Capital CIO considers biometrics, fingerprint recognition, voice identification, and face recognition as crucial aspects when it comes to safety in digital banking or financial technology operational sense, which enhances the security dimension of the financial operation.   

Reduced Operational Costs  

Financial organizations can reduce expenses by using biometrics instead of physical tokens or passwords for authentication. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood that accounts would lock out as a result of forgotten passwords, minimizing the need for customer support assistance.  

Seamless Transactions  

Biometrics can speed up transaction times by integrating seamless user authentication with digital banking procedures. Customers can rapidly finish transactions within seconds with a simple scan or identification, saving important time.  

Implementation Challenges and Future Outlook  

Although there is no denying the advantages of biometrics in digital banking, there are implementation issues that must be resolved. To guarantee widespread use, concerns about privacy, potential weaknesses, and the necessity for defined protocols must be addressed. To stay one step ahead of thieves, financial institutions must also make substantial investments in biometric technology infrastructure and regularly upgrade security procedures.   

Advancements in biometrics, including facial recognition and behavioral analysis, are improving the accuracy, reliability, and fraud detection capabilities of digital banking, leading to widespread adoption.  


Digital banking with biometrics offers a safe, convenient, and effective authentication mechanism. Siddharth Mehta Bay Capital thinks that financial organizations may improve security, provide a seamless user experience, and speed up transactions by utilizing distinctive biometric traits, which ultimately securely enhance digitalization. Although there are still issues, the future of biometrics in digital banking is positive, offering clients and financial institutions greater convenience and higher security. Biometrics will likely be essential in determining how digital banking will develop in the future as technology develops. 


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