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Houston, Texas, being a significant city, has various plumbing supply stores to take care of the requirements of mortgage holders, project workers, and plumbing experts. These stores offer an extensive variety of plumbing items, materials, and hardware. 

A portion of the notable plumbing supply stores in Houston include: 

Ferguson: Ferguson is a cross country chain of plumbing supply houston, and they have a few areas in Houston. They offer a huge determination of plumbing items, central air hardware, and related supplies. 

Morrison Supply Organization: Morrison Supply Organization is a plumbing and air conditioning supply organization with various branches in Houston. They give a great many plumbing items and administrations to both private and business clients. 

Winsupply of Houston: Winsupply is a plumbing supply organization that serves the Houston region. They offer plumbing items, air conditioning gear, and different supplies for workers for hire and property holders. 

Hughes Supply: Hughes Supply, part of the Hajoca Organization, is a plumbing and central air supply store with a presence in Houston. They give plumbing items, tools, and embellishments. 

Texas Plumbing Supply: Texas Plumbing Supply has been serving the Houston region for more than 50 years. They offer an assortment of plumbing items, fixtures, and supplies. 

Plumbing Parts Ace: Plumbing Parts Master has practical experience in giving plumbing fix and new parts. They have a wide inventory of plumbing parts and proposition administrations to assist clients with tracking down the right parts. 

Moore Supply Co.: Moore Supply Co. is a plumbing supply wholesaler with various areas in Texas, including Houston. They supply plumbing fixtures, machines, and that’s just the beginning. 

Aaron and Company: Aaron and Company is a plumbing and central air supply organization with a Houston area. They offer plumbing items, warming and cooling hardware, and related supplies. 

If it’s not too much trouble, note that the accessibility of explicit items, brands, and administrations might differ starting with one store then onto the next. It’s really smart to call ahead or visit the sites of these stores to actually look at their inventory and figure out which one best meets your plumbing supply needs in Houston.

Spartan Tool is a well-known manufacturer of plumbing and drain cleaning equipment, including drain snakes. Their drain snakes are widely used by plumbers and professionals in the industry to clear clogged drains and sewer lines. Spartan offers various models of drain snakes designed for different types of plumbing jobs.


  1. Types of Drain Snakes: Spartan manufactures a range of drain snakes, including drum machines, sectional machines, and handheld drain augers. Each type is designed for specific applications. 
  1. Drum Machines: Spartan drum machines are typically larger and are used for heavy-duty drain cleaning. They have a motorized drum that holds the cable, making it easier to feed and retrieve the cable as it clears the drain. 
  1. Sectional Machines: Sectional machines consist of individual sections of cable that can be connected as needed. They are more versatile and can be used in tight spaces or for longer runs. 
  1. Handheld Drain Augers: These are compact and portable drain snakes used for smaller, more localized clogs. They are often used for sink and toilet drain cleaning. 
  1. Cable Types: Spartan drain snakes use various types of cables, including inner-core cables and outer-core cables. The choice of cable depends on the type of clog and the drain size. 
  1. Accessories: Spartan offers a range of accessories for their drain snakes, including different cutter heads and attachments for specific drain cleaning tasks. 
  1. Durability: Spartan drain snakes are known for their durability and quality construction, making them suitable for professional use in demanding plumbing environments. 
  1. Safety Features: Many Spartan drain snakes come with safety features to protect the operator and prevent cable damage, such as slip clutches and foot switches. 


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