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Part-Time Jobs Tips by Study Abroad Consultants in Kottayam

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As a student, we know there is a lot of hustle and bustle nowadays, which includes the lengthy process that can be affordable. But the study abroad journey is expensive; if there is a problem, there is a solution. Students are aware of their living costs and tuition fees, and if you want to earn some side income for yourself, scholars can do part-time jobs. They also avail of grants and scholarships. It will be much better when you earn some side income here because there is a part-time job. In Australia, a visa allows you to work twenty hours a week. Scholars will love to know that when you start a part-time job. They can learn more info with study abroad consultants in Kottayam.

Thus, scholars who study abroad need extra expenses money. Also, required a tuition fee. All you need to do is an option from the highest paying part-time job. Thus, there are types of part-time jobs. Students can be on campus and off campus. Scholars choose their college and get the part-time job.

How to Find Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs

Students can find easy part-time jobs. Part-time work in Australia for international students should be easy to come by. You are already halfway to getting a solid part-time job as a student if you have strong communication skills, meet the minimum standards, and have the correct networking channels. The most crucial thing to do before looking for some part-time jobs in Australia is to create a strong CV. An effective CV makes an excellent first impression of the company and helps you to get a job. Meanwhile, institutes should provide a career programme that helps students. Create and structure resumes that list their abilities, education, experience and interests. Scholars can learn more info about the highest paying job by studying abroad as consultants in Kottayam.

Rules to Get Part-Time Job

Scholars for part-time jobs, some rules. Part-time work in Australia for there is the rule. Student visas in Australia have changed as of July 1, 2016. Also, the former subclasses 571-576 have been grouped under subclass 500. As a result, students coming into the country under this subclass can work up to 40 hours every two weeks while earlier this course is not in session, during breaks and holidays. Scholars, however, can begin working once the course begins.

The fortnight is 14 days, starting on Monday and ending on the Sunday of the following week. Scholars’ hours are divided as they see fit. Violations of the 40-hour rule will result in termination. Those looking for a part-time job salary in Australia should themselves to 20 hours per week on average. Then, you can start part-time jobs with study abroad consultants in Kottayam. Students pack their bags to fly for their dreams.

The Australian government mandated that all students have all employment opportunities while studying. They will have the right to minimum pay as defined by the Fair Work Act of 2009, The rest to times and breaks, and the right to work in a safe and healthy workplace. Scholars, there are many types of work. Annual vacations, long-term disability leave, leave for community service, national holidays, parental leave and related benefits, personal caregiver leaves and compassionate leave, providing a fair work statement of information, requests for flexible hours, termination notice and redundancy pay. Students can learn more about IELTS test preparation in Kottayam.

Highest Paying Part-time Jobs

Scholars, there are many types of the highest part-time jobs. First, for a male driver, a mail carrier’s duty is straight following a route, delivering incoming goods and recovering outgoing mail. It is quick and simple to set up. It allows it to be on weekends and at night. Pay ranges from 19 to 20 Australian per hour salary for students. Babysitter jobs Those who have siblings and are good with youngsters can work as babysitters, typically the work including feeding, bathing, and putting children to sleep. However, in some situations, you may be required to get assistance with homework and drive children to and from school Driver working time as a personal driver would be ideal if you have a vehicle and enjoy driving and exploring new locations; the job pays well if you drive safely.

Keep your vehicle clean and be pleasant to your passengers. Scholars can learn more details with study abroad consultants in Kottayam.  A delivery person works as another alternative for those who enjoy driving. That can be done on a motorbike or in the car, as long as you drive correctly and do not damage the delivery cargo. Cleaners are the highest-paid job in Australia. which may be hard to believe. It not only pays well but also enables flexible scheduling and does not demand that you speak English fluently. Scholars can start by signing up with a cleaning service and helping.


Scholars fulfil your dream to study abroad. Students here have a lot of part-time jobs and can do both. is a good platform for studying abroad. Scholars, you can learn more info on IELTS test preparation in KottayamLearners, why are you waiting? Choose your college and course and fulfil your dreams of studying abroad.


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