Luxury Rigid BoxesThorough Comparison of Materials and Finishing Touches Ther

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There are now many luxury products in the market and so there is also increasing competition here to stand out. Luxury rigid boxes are an important part of this product because they let people know that your brand is selling a luxury and high-end item.

These boxes are able to play a role in the presentation as well as promotional needs of your company by enhancing and increasing value of your products and even brand.

The packaging can allow brands to have a competitive edge when placed with the competition as it has a role to play in the customer’s unboxing experience. This is why it needs to be designed right.

The following is a deep comparison of materials as well as finishing touches when it comes to luxury packaging:

Materials Used

The material that you use to make the box is important because it will decide its strength and ability to protect the product. This is why brands need to carefully choose which materials to use to make the boxes. Rigid boxes need to be made with strong packaging material.

The boxes are normally made of two parts. You need to have the thick chipboard part that will have a 36- to 120-point thickness. There will even be a thinner, flexible paper wrap.

This is what gets pasted over the chipboard so it covers it. This wrap gets customized with finishing touches and other premium printing techniques as well as textures.

Chipboard Packaging

These boxes are often made from chipboard. The material displays strength under pressure and it is really durable as well therefore perfect when making custom luxury rigid boxes. Paper is able to turn into chipboard. Layers of paper can combine to create a thick material.

When looking at chipboard, this has different density levels. This allows it to be a good option for odd shapes, delicate products, etc. Chipboard may be cheaper when compared to corrugated cardboard as it may ship at a lesser cost. The material that gets employed to make chipboard is paper. You can even recycle it.

Many companies select chipboard to make these boxes as it is robust and can perform well when under stress. Chipboard is often made using recycled paper allowing it to be a sustainable packaging material. This paper then gets layered as well as pressed into some thick substance.

Corrugated Cardboard Packaging

You can place simple luxurious products in these boxes. If you want to ship your products cheaply and in a strong box, you can opt for cardboard luxury rigid boxes. You can design these boxes in the way you want to portray your brand image to customers. The material is a strong one that can protect a range of products.

Paperboard Packaging

Paperboard tends to be a poor material to make these boxes as it is flimsy and likely to get damaged when it comes in contact with water. If you want to choose this packaging material, it is better to pay extra and get triple-wall paperboard as it will provide more protection to your products.

Interior Of Box

Polystyrene is able to keep fragile items safe. If you need to package some oddly shaped item, polystyrene will give you a sturdy interior structure that will be able to support your product.

Foam core is also an inexpensive option which you can choose. You can cut the right size hole within the foam core so that you can place your product safely in it.

Plastic sheeting is another option to make an internal tray. This gives an image that a luxury item is in the box.

Finishing Touches

Apart from the packaging material you choose to make the box, you even need to design it well so that people see your brand positively. Printed luxury rigid boxes need to stand out in the market. You can consider printing the box in a high-quality way and also adding finishing touches on it.

You can consider adding a textured impact on the box so that it feels good when the customer holds it. There is also gold or silver foiling that you can add to give the box a luxurious touch. Embossing or debossing will help make certain areas of your packaging stand out more.

Luxury products suit luxury rigid packaging but you need to make this box perfectly if you want it to stand out and let people know that your brand has focused on creating high-end and luxurious items.

The packaging is one that must be made in a way that it is sturdy and strong and so can protect the product that you place in it.

You should also design it so that your customers can see you have put effort into creating packaging that will be able to give them a good experience and a good product.

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