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Know The 6 FAQs by Experts for IELTS Preparation Ahmedabad

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The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam checks the language ability of a candidate to adjust to an English-speaking country. Many students prepare for the IELTS exam every year to get admission to a foreign college. Students should start preparing for the exam way before time. Many consultants assist students with tests like IELTS preparation Ahmedabad. They help students to get details about the text and provide tips to prepare well. Students can also ask them about any doubts they have regarding the test. Students need to be clear about the basics of the IELTS exam before preparing for it.

Let Us Find Out The Answers To Some FAQs About The IELTS Exam

Although students have a lot of questions about the IELTS exam, there are a few common queries. Let us know the answers to the frequently asked questions by aspirants for IELTS preparation Ahmedabad and other parts of India.

What Is The Difference Between The Two IELTS Exams?

The IELTS exam is basically of two types: the IELTS Academic exam and IELTS General Training. Let us first learn about the Academic test.

The IELTS Academic test is a medium to judge the English skills of a student. It helps in assessing the abilities of a student to adjust to a country where English is the prime language.

The next type of test is the IELTS General training test. This test is generally for those candidates who want to migrate to a country for training purposes or to work. Many countries consider this test as a way to judge candidates who wish to migrate to the country. The syllabus of the test is based on testing if the candidate has the skills to survive in the social environment of the country

What Is The Test Format Of The Exam?

Both the IELTS Academic exam and the IELTS General Training exam have the same test for reading and listening. But, the subject matter for the other two sections is different.

The IELTS test format is divided into four parts. There are the listening test, reading test, writing test and speaking test. Every candidate has 2 hours and 45 minutes to finish the test. Also, therer are no breaks in the reading and listening tests. On the other hand, the speaking test is taken either before or after that. In some cases, it is on the same day as the other tests.

What Is The Cost Of Taking The IELTS Test

A candidate has to pay ₹15,500 to take the IELTS test in India. The price can vary according to various situations. So, a candidate can know the final price only when he registers for the exam. They should take the help of consultants providing study abroad finance assistance to know more about the fees and other details. The consultants have the required knowledge to assist a candidate for the IELTS exam.

Can a Student With H/V/S Difficulties Give The Test?

Yes, the council responsible for conducting the IELTS exam has special arrangements for disabled students. A student having H/V/S ( Hearing, Visual, and Speaking) difficulties can also appear for the IELTS exam. Students can claim these special services after submitting medical proof of their disability. Also, the medical statement should be submitted at least six weeks before the test. The date of the medical certificate should be within two years before the date of the test. Moreover, it should be written in English.

When Do You Get The IELTS Test Results?

The IELTS test result is generally posted after 13 days of the test. Students can check their results on the online portal of the IELTS exam. Also, they can get updates through the SMS facility on their phones. Moreover, the results are declared based on the 9 Band scoring system. Students receive band scores for all 4 (listening, reading, writing, speaking) tests. Also, apart from the individual test scores, they also get an overall score from 1 to 9. Another vital thing that students should know is that there are no passing marks for the IELTS test! Yes, you read it right. Every college has its requirements for the score, and students can apply to colleges based on that. Experts for IELTS preparation Ahmedabad provide students with scores accepted by different colleges.

What To Do If You Have Queries About Your Result?

If a candidate can contact the test centre for any queries. They can apply 6 weeks after the test for that. Moreover, candidates can choose the ection of the test they want to get remarked on. Candidates have to pay a certain amount while registering their enquiry. If the candidate’s score increases, this amount is refundable and credited to their account. The IELTS results are declared from 1 to 21 days after registering the exam.

Can You Cancel or Re-Schedule Your IELTS Exam

Candidates have the option to cancel their application for the IELTS exam. If they do it at least five weeks before the date of the exam, they can get a refund of the application fee. Moreover, the administration does deduct a fixed charge if the candidate withdraws his application timely. If a candidate has serious medical issues, only then he can ask for a refund in this case. Candidates should do it within five days of the scheduled date of the test. Students can also apply to reschedule their IELTS exam. Moreover, they can take assistance from agents providing IELTS preparation Ahmedabad.

Words To Conclude

These are a few of the questions that candidates pursuing the IELTS exam ask. Students should ensure they are clear about the requirements, procedures and other vital information about the test. It helps in avoiding any confusion in future. So, if you are preparing for the IELTS exam, feel free to consult experts. They can provide you with all kinds of help, like study abroad finance assistance, exam preparation, and much more.


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