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Know About The Language Of Flowers With These Common Meanings Associated With Flowers!

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Understanding the language of flowers is extremely interesting. This particular language of the flowers is centuries old. It was discovered throughout Asia as well as Europe for the matter. This language has been dealt with extensively by William Shakespeare in the majority of his works. Folklore, sonnets, and mythologies along with the plays of the Chinese, Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks are full of such meanings. These are peppered with plant and flower symbolism and we ought to agree that it is for good reason. Whether you want to send flowers to Pune, or any other city, you want to express unsaid emotions. Be it about sending flowers for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or birthday, every emotion gets expressed with flowers.

There’s a particular flower for every emotion and sentiment for the matter. There’s the orange blossom that symbolizes purity and chastity. The red chrysanthemum stands for ‘’I love you’’ for the matter. It was as early as the Victorian times that people started learning about the language of flowers. It is truly a magical study about the pretty blooms and the meanings that are associated. Are you interested to know more about the language of flowers? Let’s get started!

Victorian Times and the Language Of Flowers

It was during the 1800s that learning the language of flowers became a favorite pastime among the people. Almost all the Victorian homes had a guidebook for understanding the ‘’language’’ of flowers alongside that of the Bible. The definitions of deciphering the symbolism of the flowers did shift as per the sources to put it precisely.

Following the nuances of the etiquettes of the Victorian era, flowers were used to convey unsaid messages. It was primarily used to express messages that couldn’t be spoken loudly. Flowers were used as sign language, a kind of silent dialogue that was used to answer ‘’yes’’ or ‘’no’’. Like, a ‘’yes’’ question would be answered by handing over flowers with the right hand. If the answer was ‘’no’’, the flowers would be handed over by the left hand.

It is worth mentioning that plants were also used to express certain feelings and emotions. Like the pomegranate was to express ‘’conceit’’ whereas the Aloe was to express ‘’bitterness’’. Similarly, roses were given to express devotion and apple blossoms were used to convey preference. One might also send a suitor a yellow carnation to express ‘’disdain’’ to put it precisely. The tradition of gifting flowers to express a variety of emotions is still present in contemporary times. Be it about finding the perfect birthday flower bouquet, or wedding flowers, for Valentine’s Day flowers, flowers are indispensable.

Language of Flowers as Per Colour

Flowers are truly incredible to express a variety of emotions and feelings. It is one of the most nuanced forms of communication for the matter. There are certain plants and flowers like roses, lilies, and poppies that are used to express emotions based on their colors.

For instance, let us take carnations and understand how the meaning changes with the color choices. There are different meanings that are associated with the different colored carnations. Pink carnations symbolize ‘’I will never forget you’’, red carnations stand for ‘’my heart aches for you’’. White carnations are for the ‘’sweet and lovely’’, whereas purple carnations symbolize capriciousness. Yellow carnations stand for romantic rejections to put it precisely.

Even if we try to understand the language of violets, it is a different story. A purple violet seemed to express that the giver’s ‘’thoughts were occupied with love’’. Whereas, a white violet stands for ‘’innocence’’. The calla lily is known to express ‘’magnificent beauty’’ while a clover seemed to say ‘’think of me’’. A red tulip stands for the confession of love while the red rose is used to express intense feelings of love and romance. Different colored flowers stand for a plethora of meanings for the matter.

It is truly a magnificent study of flowers and their meanings for the matter. The next time you decide to buy flowers online, don’t forget to check out their meanings. The realm of pretty flowers is truly fascinating and magical, to say the least!

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