Items You Needed to Install in Your Bathroom during Reforms

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When starting a bathroom remodeling project, it is important to consider the accessories. Remember that bathroom accessories are not just functional but can also be used to create an atmosphere.

Bathroom accessories are more than just accessories. They play an important role in comfort and aesthetics. Knowing how to select them is therefore a vital task.

Our advice is to always select accessories that are the same color, material, or style. This will create a consistent and cohesive design throughout the entire bathroom.

It is possible to achieve this in any style of design, from rustic bathrooms to contemporary bathrooms. What are the most essential bathroom accessories in each bathroom area?

Sink area:


What would a bathroom look like without a mirror to see yourself every day and comb your hair? All bathrooms come with a standard mirror. Top Markham bathroom renovations contractors recommend installing a magnifying mirror to see those small details you might miss at first glance. Also, it can be placed above the sink to make.


Hand towel rack

Duomo has a wide variety of towel racks. There are a variety of towel racks, including a shelf, ring, bar, or hanger. The style of your bathroom will determine the type you choose. The towel racks can be installed on the wall next to the sink.


Soap dispenser

Bathroom accessories such as soap dispensers are important for maintaining personal hygiene.

These soap dispensers are much more convenient than traditional soap dishes because they clean up after each use and dispensing them. They are often fixed 10 to 15 cm away from the sink for greater convenience.



If you do not like wall-mounted bathroom accessories, shelves can be used to organize your toothbrush holders, toothpaste dispensers, and other products.


Toilets area:

Toilet brush holder

The toilet brush holder plays a key role in cleaning the toilet. You can choose between floor brush holders and those that are mounted on the wall.

Toilet brush holders, although they are bathroom accessories installed on the side wall of the toilets, are still visible. Make sure that they match the style of your bathroom.


Holder for paper rolls

Toilet paper holders make it easy to access toilet paper from the toilet. Install them near the toilet, either sideways, on the wall next to the toilet, or even on the front wall.

They should be placed at a distance of 70 to 80 cm. Some models have a protective cover on the top of the rolls to keep the paper clean.


Bathroom trash can

The trash can is another important element for bathroom hygiene. Also, you can choose from a rotating lid, a push system, or a pedal. These bathroom accessories are large and have an important aesthetic impact.


Shower area:

Safety bar

Safety bars are essential bathroom accessories for anyone who lives with older people or children. Also, they help you maintain your balance in the shower and provide support for getting out of the bath.


Bath Mat

This essential bathroom accessory helps to prevent slipping and getting wet on the floor when you get out of the bath. The absorbent rugs have become a popular bathroom accessory. Also, you can choose from a variety of designs and place them at the entrance to the shower or beside the bathtub.



The screens are used to separate the bathroom from the shower or bathtub. They are more durable and effective than shower curtains at retaining the water in the shower. They are ideal for bathrooms that have a dressing area since they protect your clothing from splashes.


Hangers and shelves

The same towel racks and shelves that are used in the sink area can be found in the shower area.

You can install shower shelves between 120 cm and 130 cm so that your products are easily accessible. Install the hangers at the entrance of the shower. They should be 170 cm above the floor. You can hang up your towel or robe to leave.

You can install more bathroom accessories, but we have shown you the ones that are most important to create a pleasant and comfortable environment. We at The Renovators of Canada have all the renovation services you need to complete your project.

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