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How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Windows Live Mail Windows 7?

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Are you searching for a query how to remove duplicate emails in Windows Live Mail Windows 7? Then I can surely help you regarding this. Sending or receiving emails are now become an indispensible part of our lives. An EML is a file format of an email message file. And there are multiple email clients that support EML format, one of among them is Windows Live Mail, i.e very popular among the users. If you are user of a Windows Live Mail email client, it is more than possible that you might stock duplicate email messages. I must aware you that there can be multiple of negative consequences that user may face while doing so.

Multiple duplicates Windows Live Mail email messages may cause trouble to email client. It reduces the speed and efficiency of email client. When users need to export file, then duplicate files makes it huge and hectic. And it consumes space that can be replaceable by some useful data. To keep these points in mind, Users finds it is important to delete duplicate files. Windows Live Mail Duplicate Remover is the perfect option for you to overcome such issue.

Windows Live Mail Duplicate Remover to Delete Multiple Duplicate Emails Messages

EML Duplicates Remover is a convenient approach that offers latest features to delete Windows Live Mail duplicate messages efficiently. It is an advanced app that allows removal of multiple files in a single round. There are numerous features that help in a smooth removal of duplicates like add filter facility, select desired location facility, free trial facility, and many more. I will illustrate all them later here look at the working of the first.

How to Remove Duplicate EML Files?

Following are clear directions mentioned to remove duplicate emails:

Step1: At first launch CubexSoft EML Duplicate Remover.

launch EML Duplicates Remover

Step2: Then load required files by opting for either option “Add Files” or “Add Folder”.

select files and folder

Step3: On the screen all such uploaded files can be viewed with checkboxes, users may choose the required files from their also.

selective files removal

Step4: Now users can detect file duplicate files by two options such as “search duplicates within the folders” and search duplicates across the folders”.

choose required mode to remove

Step5: Then you may add filter fields such as to, from, subject, and root folder All these options helpful for a selective elimination of files by choosing required files.

apply filter options

Step6: Now use “Browse” option for selecting the required destination path. Now finally press on the “Remove” button.

process done

Advantages of Windows Live Mail Duplicate Remover

  • Avails dual options such as add files and add folder so that users can add up bulk files for removal procedure.
  • Remove duplicate files without damaging the actual files’ property such as meta elements, attachments etc.
  • Filer options to ads required files specifically as per requirement.
  • Users have a convenience to add destination path according to their preference.
  • The software offers user-friendly attributes that are understandable by all the users including users from non-technical background.
  • The size of files is not a concern here, it is allowed to select files of any size.

End Note

Users can launch this Windows Live Mail Duplicate Remover on Windows Operating Systems. All versions of Windows support the app such as Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Vista, etc. Free demo of the app allows file procession of 25 emails free of cost. Now I hope all confusions related with the “how to remove duplicate emails in Windows Live Mail Windows 7” has been solved.

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