How to Join an OST Record to Another Profile?

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Outline: Here, figure out how to flawlessly join an OST record to another profile. You will likewise find out about an OST to PST converter instrument that can separate mail things from blocked off, stranded, or conflicting OST document and save them to PST design with complete uprightness.

Might I at any point Join the OST Record to Another Profile?

1. Close Outlook in the event that it’s at present open.
2. Open the Control Board on your PC.
3. In the Control Board, look for “Mail” or “Mail (32-digit)” and open it.
4. Via the Post office Arrangement – Outlook window, click on the “Show Profiles” button.
5. In the Profiles window, click on the “Add” button to make another profile.
6. Follow the prompts to set up the new profile, giving the fundamental subtleties, for example, your name, email address, and secret word.
7. When the new profile is made, return to the Mail Arrangement – Outlook window and select the new profile from the “Consistently utilize this profile” dropdown menu.
8. Click on the “Alright” button to save the changes.
9. Open Outlook , and it will provoke you to set up your email account. Enter the necessary subtleties and snap on the “Following” button.
10. Outlook will endeavor to design the record settings consequently. Assuming that it cannot do as such, you might have to physically enter the server settings given by your email supplier.
11. When the record is set up, go to the “Document” tab in Outlook and select “Open and Product” > “Open Outlook Information Record”.
12. Peruse to where the OST record is saved and select it.
13. Click on the “Open” button, and the OST record will be joined to the new profile.

Check the Items in the OST Record appended to the New Profile

Subsequent to joining the OST record to the new profile, really take a look at your mail things. For this,

Open Outlook and change to another profile (assuming there are more profiles).
Check if all your letter box information, including messages, contacts, and schedules, are open and show up true to form.
In the case of everything looks great, you have effectively connected an OST record to another profile

In uncommon cases, you might observe that a portion of your letter drop information is absent or deficient subsequent to joining the OST record to the new profile. On the off chance that this occurs or Outlook neglects to make and connect an OST record to another profile because of any explanation, you can involve this Converter for OST to PST convert the out of reach or stranded OST document to PST design. Then, at that point, import this PST document into another Outlook record or profile and reestablish all your mail things.

Here are Motivations to Think about the OST to PST Application

1. Information Recuperation: The application can help in recuperating information from bad or blocked off OST documents and changing over it into PST design.

2. Email Movement: Assuming you are exchanging email clients or stages, the application can change over your OST records to PST, permitting you to relocate your messages and different information without any problem.

3. Information Reinforcement: By changing over your OST documents to PST, you can make a reinforcement of your significant messages, contacts, schedule passages, and different information. This guarantees that you have a duplicate of your information in the event of any unanticipated information misfortune.

4. Simple Openness: PST documents can be gotten to utilizing different email clients like Outlook , Windows Mail, and Thunderbird, among others. Switching OST over completely to PST permits you to get to your information utilizing these clients, giving adaptability and comfort.

5. Minimal and Coordinated Information: Changing OST over completely to PST helps in diminishing the document size and sorting out the information. This can upgrade framework execution and make it simpler to deal with your email information.

6. Further developed Security: PST records offer secret phrase assurance, permitting you to get your messages and different information from unapproved access. By changing OST over completely to PST, you can add an additional layer of safety to your delicate data.

7. Similarity: PST records are generally viable with various variants of Outlook , makingthem a flexible and promptly usable organization for getting to and sharing your email information. Switching OST email to PST guarantees similarity across various email clients and stages.

8. High level Elements: PST documents support progressed highlights like chronicling, looking, sifting, and sorting messages. Changing over your OST documents to PST design empowers you to exploit these elements and productively deal with your email information.

9. Document Trustworthiness: The application guarantees that the changed over PST record keeps up with the respectability and order of the first OST record. This implies that your organizer structure, email connections, and different information will stay in salvageable shape after the transformation.

10. Efficient: The application offers a speedy and robotized answer for switching OST over completely to PST. It wipes out the requirement for manual information extraction and transformation, saving you time and exertion.

11. Specialized Help: Some OST to PST transformation applications offer specialized help to help you with any issues or questions that might emerge during the change interaction. This can be priceless, particularly on the off chance that you are curious about the specialized parts of record transformation.


Connecting an OST document to another profile is a urgent step while overhauling your framework or relocating/changing to an alternate Outlook release. By following the bit by bit process illustrated here, you can guarantee a consistent relocation of your email information. In the event that the OST connection falls flat or you figure out missing messages or information in your new profile, you can involve this Converter for OST to change over OST document to PST and reestablish all mail things.

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