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How to Add and Format Text in Canva Presentations Effectively?

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In the digital age, presentations are no longer limited to the traditional PowerPoint format. Canva has revolutionized the way we create and design presentations, making it easier and more enjoyable. Adding and formatting text in Canva presentations is a crucial part of the design process, and mastering it can elevate the quality of your presentations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the steps, best practices, and tips for adding and formatting text effectively in Canva presentations.

Why Choose Canva for Presentations?

Before diving into text formatting, let’s briefly explore why choose Canva for presentations. Canva offers a user-friendly, cloud-based platform with a multitude of design templates, graphics, and fonts to help you craft visually appealing presentations. It’s accessible to beginners and professionals alike, offering versatility in design and presentation styles.

Adding Text to Your Canva Presentation

Step 1: Create or Open Your Presentation

Log in to your Canva account, and select the ‘Create a Design’ option. Choose the ‘Presentation’ format. If you already have a presentation in progress, open it.

Step 2: Select the Slide for Text

Click on the slide where you want to add text. You can choose from various predefined layouts or create your own by selecting ‘Blank.’

Step 3: Add Text

Click the ‘Text’ tab on the left-hand side. This will open a panel with various text options. To add a text box, simply click ‘Add a text box.’ You can also select a pre-designed text element and modify it to your liking.

Step 4: Edit Text

Double-click the text box to start editing. You can now type in your text. Canva provides a range of fonts and styles to choose from, and you can change the text size, color, and alignment.

Tips for Effective Text Formatting

Now that you’ve added text to your presentation, let’s delve into the art of effective text formatting.

1. Keep it Simple

Simple fonts and clean design are often more effective in conveying your message. Choose fonts that are easy to read and avoid excessive styling.

2. Maintain Consistency

Consistency in font choices, colors, and formatting across your slides creates a cohesive and professional look for your presentation.

3. Use Hierarchy

Use font size and formatting to create a visual hierarchy in your text. Titles and headings should be more prominent than the body text.

4. Balance Text and Visuals

Don’t overwhelm your audience with too much text. Use visuals, such as images or icons, to complement your text and make your points more engaging.

5. Align Text Properly

Ensure that your text is aligned correctly within your text boxes and on the slide. Consistent alignment enhances the visual appeal of your presentation.

6. Preview and Adjust

Always preview your slides to see how they will appear in the final presentation. Make adjustments as necessary to ensure everything looks as intended.

Advanced Text Formatting Techniques

Canva offers various advanced formatting options to take your text to the next level:

1. Text Effects

Experiment with effects like shadows, highlights, and outlines to make your text stand out.

2. Line Spacing and Letter Spacing

Adjust line and letter spacing to improve the readability of your text.

3. Curved Text

Canva allows you to add text along curves or shapes for a unique and artistic touch.


Effective text formatting is a critical aspect of creating impressive presentations in Canva. By following the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you can unlock the full potential of your creativity and make your presentations more engaging, informative, and visually appealing. With Canva’s intuitive interface and numerous design options, you have the power to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression with your presentations. Master the art of adding and formatting text in Canva, and watch your presentations come to life!

Are you ready to take your presentations to the next level? Start designing with Canva today!

Remember, effective text formatting is just one element of creating a great presentation. Combine it with compelling content, impactful visuals, and engaging storytelling to make your presentations truly unforgettable.

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