How Long Does It Take To Get Dental Implants?

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The smile often reflects on our most valuable assets. It not only enhances your look. When you smile effectively and are attractive, it gives a boost to your self-confidence. In some situations, you can lose your teeth, such as accidents, injury, tooth decay or gum disease. If you lose multiple teeth and you want to restore your teeth. In that situation, you visit a dental clinic. They offer efficient treatment with modern technology.

Nowadays, dental clinics have various modern techniques to use to treat dental problems. Dental implants are one of these. Dental implants are a surgical procedure where a dentist implants a device inside a gum or artificial teeth. So that when you smile confidently. If you lose your teeth due to an accident, then you visit a dental clinic, where expert dentists offer Dental Implant Surgery in Punjab.

Here are some steps for dental implants;


Before a dental implant, you can consult with a skilled and experienced dentist. During the meeting, you discuss your concerns and goals. Dentists first examine your oral health and also check your past medical reports. After they scan your oral health through an x-ray, after they recommend dental implants, it is suitable for you because, in some cases, dentists do not recommend this procedure. 

Treatment planning 

When you discuss your concerns, then the dentist offers personalized treatment. So that after treatment, you get an effective result. 

Implant placement 

A dental implant is a challenging surgical procedure. This surgery relies on the number of implants in the right location. This surgery takes one to three hours, which includes the preparation of the surgical room, actual implant placement and sutures if necessary.  


After treatment, you need some time to heal the wounds and properly implant to fuse with your jawbone. These are important steps that help make sure dental implants are in the right place. The healing process takes several months, three to six months depending on various factors. 

Abutment placement 

After healing, you will undergo a small surgical procedure to connect abutments to the implants. This connector links the implants to the artificial teeth. This process takes half an hour for these connectors. After this process, you need some time to heal after they go further. 

Restoration placement 

The last step of the procedure is to fix the custom-made dental crowns or restore the abutments. This procedure takes a little bit more time because this treatment depends on the crowns to be placed.

Time durations

This procedure takes 6 months to one year or more. Which also includes all procedures to restore your teeth. This time also includes a number of procedures and healing processes. 

The benefits of dental plants surgery

  • Natural teeth look 
  • Improve oral functionality
  • Long term solution
  • Maintain the structure of jawbone
  • Easy to maintain hygiene 

Dental implantation is a permanent solution to restore your missing teeth. This surgical procedure not only enhances your smile but also improves your oral health. If you are experiencing poor oral health, then you should consult with the best Dentist In Ludhiana who offers effective treatment and also helps to improve your oral health.

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