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How I naturally fixed my premature ejaculation

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A frequent sexual issue that affects men is called premature ejaculation. This occurs when a guy is unable to maintain an erection for an extended period. It can lead to emotions of frustration, humiliation, and anxiety, which may have an effect on the individual’s sexual pleasure as well as the entire connection between them and their partner. As someone who has battled with this condition, I decided to start on a personal adventure to discover natural therapies and lifestyle changes that would help me overcome premature ejaculation. In this blog, I will discuss the events that led to my attainment of sexual health as well as the tactics that assisted me in achieving that goal.

Comprehending the concept of premature ejaculation

It is crucial, before beginning my adventure, that you have a solid understanding of what premature ejaculation is. It is the inability to exert control over ejaculatory function that leads to ejaculatory output happening at an abnormally rapid rate during sexual activity. This condition may be caused by several circumstances, including psychological disorders, performance anxiety, hormone imbalances, and even specific medical diseases.

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Seeking the assistance of professionals

My initial course of action was to seek the advice of a medical expert so that I could determine whether or not an underlying medical ailment was the root cause of my premature ejaculation. This included having a physical examination and having an open conversation about my sexual health. It is essential to keep in mind that getting the counsel of a professional is essential since obtaining an accurate diagnosis is necessary for developing an appropriate treatment plan.

Approaches Derived From Psychology In many cases, premature ejaculation may be traced back to psychological causes such as performance anxiety, stress, or problems in interpersonal relationships. Taking direct action to address these variables may have a major influence on sexual performance. I decided to get help from a trained sex therapist and attend therapy sessions to investigate and address these underlying worries. 

Exercises on the kegel:

Kegel exercises are useful for both men and women and are most often associated with being performed by women. These exercises focus on building strength in the pelvic floor muscles, which are an essential component in the regulation of ejaculatory function. My ability to obtain greater control over my ejaculatory reaction was assisted by the regular practice of Kegel exercises.

The method of stopping and starting again

During my investigation, I learned of a method called the stop-start approach. This technique consists of stimulating the penis until you feel as if you are about to ejaculate, at which point you will cease the stimulation to allow the excitation to diminish before beginning again. The more I used this approach, the better I became at controlling my ejaculation and being aware of the levels of excitement I was experiencing.

A method known as the squeeze

When one is close to ejaculating, one might use the squeeze method instead of the stop-start approach. This technique entails exerting pressure on the base of the penis. Beneficial effects may be achieved by delaying ejaculation and lowering arousal levels in this manner. It took some time, but finally, I became proficient in using this strategy to its full potential.

The practices of meditation and relaxation:

My experience has shown that making meditation and other forms of relaxation a regular part of my regimen can be really useful. My general well-being and the quality of my sexual performance both increased as a direct result of my efforts to alleviate stress and worry. Sildamax 100 is help to getting and keeping an erection.

Adaptations to your way of life:

In addition, some aspects of one’s lifestyle might affect sexual function. I made a few lifestyle adjustments, like adopting a more balanced diet, keeping hydrated, obtaining frequent exercise, and getting sufficient amounts of sleep. These modifications to lifestyle lead to an overall improvement in both the body’s and the mind’s health.

Both patience and perseverance are necessary

Dealing with premature ejaculation may be difficult, and there have been instances when I’ve felt disheartened as a result of it. On the other hand, I realized that making improvements takes time and that it was essential for me to be patient with myself. It didn’t matter how big or how tiny the step was; each one was a stride in the right direction. 


My road to overcoming premature ejaculation was not without its challenges, but with a mix of psychological techniques, exercises, lifestyle modifications, and discussion with my partner, I was able to accomplish a considerable improvement in my sexual well-being and overcome the condition. It is essential to keep in mind that the experiences of each person are unique and that what was successful for me may not apply to the experiences of others. If you’re having trouble with premature ejaculation, I strongly suggest that you seek the advice of a medical practitioner and investigate the many available natural treatments. 


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