How Do I Pick My Seat On Southwest Airlines?

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Are You Planning A Trip With Southwest Seat Selection Service Number Calling Us At 1-800-I-Fly-Swa (1-800-435-9792) Or (1-860-364-8556)  And Wondering How To Choose The Best Seat For A Comfortable And Enjoyable Flight Experience? Look No Further. In This Comprehensive Guide, We’ll Walk You Through The Process Of Selecting Your Ideal Seat On Southwest Airlines. From Priority Boarding To Exit Row Seats, We’ve Got You Covered. Let’s Embark On This Journey Together!

Understanding The Basics

Let’s Start With The Fundamentals Of Picking Your Seat On Southwest Airlines.

Booking Your Flight

Before You Can Choose Your Seat, You Need To Book Your Flight. Southwest Airlines Operates On An Open-Seating Policy, Which Means You Won’t Be Assigned A Specific Seat When Booking. Instead, You’ll Select Your Seat During Check-In.

Online Check-In

Southwest Airlines Provides An Online Check-In Option, Typically Available 24 Hours Before Your Flight’s Departure Time. Be Sure To Check In Early To Get A Better Selection Of Seats.

How To Pick The Perfect Seat

Now, Let’s Dive Into The Specifics Of Selecting Your Ideal Seat travel

Southwest Seat Selection 


Earlybird Check-In

Consider Purchasing Earlybird Check-In, Which Automatically Checks You In Before General Boarding Begins. This Option Can Provide You With A Better Seat Selection And Is A Great Choice If You Want Peace Of Mind.

Boarding Groups

Southwest Airlines Has A Unique Boarding Process With Groups A, B, And C. If You Want The Best Pick Of Seats, Aim For Group A, Which Boards First.

Exit Row And Bulkhead Seats

Exit Row And Bulkhead Seats Offer Extra Legroom. If You’re Tall Or Need More Space To Stretch Out, These Are Excellent Choices. Keep In Mind That Exit Row Seats Come With Responsibilities, As You May Be Asked To Assist In Case Of An Emergency.

Wing Seats

Wing Seats Are Ideal For Those Who Love A View. You’ll Have A Clear Sight Of The Wings And Engines, And You Won’t Miss Any Breathtaking In-Flight Scenery.

Aisle Or Window?

Are You An Aisle Or A Window Person? Choose A Seat That Suits Your Preferences. Aisle Seats Provide Easy Access To The Restroom And Allow You To Stretch Your Legs, While Window Seats Offer A Stunning View And A Cozy Corner To Rest Your Head.

Avoiding Undesirable Seats

Certain Seats Might Not Be Your First Choice. These Include Seats Near The Restrooms Or The Galley, Which Can Be Noisy. Additionally, Some Seats Don’t Recline Fully, So Make Sure To Check The Seat Map And Avoid Those If You Prefer A More Comfortable Flight.


Picking Your Seat On Southwest Airlines Is A Straightforward Process Once You Understand The Intricacies Of Their Open-Seating Policy. Whether You Prefer Extra Legroom, A Stunning View, Or Quick Access To The Restroom, There’s A Seat That Suits Your Preferences. Remember To Check In Early, Consider bird check-in, And Enjoy Your Flight With The Perfect Seat.

Frequently Asked Questions:- (Southwest Seat Selection)

Let’s Address Some Common Questions About Selecting Seats On Southwest Airlines.

Q Is It Possible To Change My Seat After Check-In? 

Yes, You Can Change Your Seat During Online Check-In, Provided There Are Available Seats.

Q Can I Reserve A Specific Seat In Advance? 

Southwest Airlines Does Not Offer Advance Seat Reservations, As They Follow An Open-Seating Policy.

Q Do I Have To Pay Extra For A Better Seat? 

While Southwest Offers Earlybird Check-In For An Additional Fee, There Are No Seat Upgrade Fees.

Q What Happens If I Can’t Find A Suitable Seat During Check-In?

If You’re Unable To Find A Desirable Seat During Check-In, Don’t Worry. You Can Still Choose A Seat When You Board The Plane.

Q Are There Any Seats With Extra Legroom?

Yes, Exit Row And Bulkhead Seats Provide Extra Legroom For A More Comfortable Flight.

Q Can I Sit With My Travel Companions? 

If You’re Traveling With Others, Make Sure To Check In Together To Increase Your Chances Of Sitting Close To Each Other.

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