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How Do I Permanently Delete Voice Memos from My Mac?

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Summary– In this write-up, we’ve pointed out various techniques to permanently delete voice memos from your Mac device. We have also mentioned a Mac Data Erasure Tool which completely deleted voice memos and other data from Mac.  

The Voice Memos program was initially released with Mac OS 10.14, also known as macOS Mojave. Since then, every version of Mac OS that Apple has launched has included the Voice Memos function. You can utilize it to record voice notes about essential tasks and access them from any device that is synchronized with it. In this article, we’ll discuss methods for permanently deleting Voice Memos notes from Mac system.

How Do I Permanently Delete Voice Memos from My Mac?

# Solution 1- Delete Voice Memos from Mac Permanently

The steps listed below can be utilized to permanently remove a voice memo created on a Mac:

  1. Open “Voice Memo” from the Dock.
  2. Select “Sidebar“.
  3. Pick the “Recently Deleted” option. All the recently erased voice memos would display in the “Voice Memos Pane”.
  4. Press the ‘Delete’ in the top right corner of the memo you want to remove.

Click on “Delete All” at the bottom of the sidebar to erase all of the recently erased voice memos.

# Solution 2- How to Delete All Voice Memos on Mac?

The erased voice memo is still listed as available space for overwriting on your Mac’s hard disk even after you empty the Trash. The erased data can be restored by utilizing a data recovery tool up until the point at which that space is overwritten with new data. Use a reliable and amazing CubexSoft Data Erasure Software for Mac & Win OS to completely delete voice memos from your Mac. The tool wipes out the voice memos from your Mac device by overwriting it various times, depending on the Eraser Algorithm you select.

Features and Benefits of Using Data Erase Tool

Safe Data Erasure– The software is designed to safely and permanently delete private information from storage devices like USB drives, memory cards, hard disks, SSDs, and so on. It repeatedly overwrites data using advanced algorithms that makes it very challenging to recover using common data recovery software.

Various Data Erasure Algorithms Data Erase Software commonly offers a variety of erasure algorithms including, Zero, Random, Wipe – Simple, Zero & Random, Random & Zero, Wipe – Medium, Russian – GOST-R-50739-95 , Psuedo-Random and Zeroes, US DOD / US Air Force, US Navy – MFM, US Navy – RLL, NCSG-TG-025, Microsoft Cipher, Bit Toggle, British HMG IS5, Wipe – Secure, NATO Standard, Peter Gutmann, and B.Schnerier’s Algorithm).

Selective Data Erasure: A user can simply choose specific files, folders, or drives for removal. This selective method is beneficial when you only want to erase certain data without affecting other data.

Data Safety– It helps prevent unwanted access to sensitive data by completely deleting information from storage devices, thus reducing the danger of data breaches, identity theft, and other types of cybercrime.

Logs & Reports– This utility gives detailed erasure logs & reports, offering proof that data has been securely deleted. These reports can be beneficial for compliance purposes.

User-Friendly Interface (GUI) – The program comes with an easy-to-use interface that leads users step-by-step through the data erasing procedure.

Supports All macOS & Win OS– The software is generally compatible with all Windows OS and Macintosh OS editions including latest versions.

Final Words

You may be aware that simply erasing data from a Mac device, whether it be voice memos or other data, does not actually remove anything. Until it’s overwritten, it’s stored on the hard disk. The techniques mentioned above can be utilized to permanently delete voice memos from your Mac. Data Eraser Software is the best way to remove voice memos or other data from a Mac.

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