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How Can You Tell if a Mookaite Jewelry Is Real?

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Recognise that purchasing gemstones is a regular luxury. They are normally not very pricey. You should think about buying gemstone jewelry as a top-notch investment choice. Every dollar spent would yield three times the gains over time if it were enthusiastically invested appropriately. And these benefits frequently take the form of eternal beauty, ethereal shine and shimmer, as well as a range of healing and psychic powers.

However, if you are working with a reliable and trustworthy supplier, there is a significant chance that the dealer will take care to deliver you the best and most genuine piece of gemstone jewelry. All gemstones, including opal, turquoise, and azurite, share the same properties.

However, there is a good chance that the dealer will make sure to deliver you the best and most genuine piece of gemstone jewelry if you are working with a reliable and trusted supplier. All gemstones share the same characteristics, whether they are made of opal, turquoise, or mookaite.

But in other circumstances, you might need to be the expert to ensure that you make the right purchase. We just bought a thorough guide to assist you tell if Mookaite jewelry is real. So, don’t worry, and simply follow these straightforward directions. To begin with, let’s define mookaite jewelry.

Mookaite Gemstone

The name mookaite comes from the word ‘Mooka’ which means running water. Mookaite was name after its place of origin as it is popular for its natural beautiful running water. Mookaite is a class of silicide rock minerals that originated in China, according to science. The ability of this mineral to hold fossils is also known as having fossil characteristics.

This gemstone comes in huge variety of natural and unedited colors. the colors in which they are found are purple, crimson, yellow, green, blood red, brown etc. Every color or some of them are mixed together in harmony in stone.

It is said that mookaite stones increase a person’s awareness of their surroundings and their innate connection to nature. Everyone who wants to strengthen their connection to Mother Earth and their natural surroundings should use this deeply earthing stone since it gives comfort and grounding to any scenario.

Facts To Know That Whether Your Mookaite Jewelry Is Real Or Not?

Even though jasper is so common that it can be found in your garden, does this mean that there aren’t any limitations of it? No. The term “jasper” is typically used to refer to another type of natural stone. Jasper that has been colored with alien hues or even plastic can occasionally be found. So, to know whether your mookaite is real or not here are some factors :-


Mookaite gemstones are absolute opaque. Light cannot pass through a compact of real mookaite. The fake mookaite are transparent, if light can pass through them then they are not considered as real mookaite stone. The opacity of this stone is too high.

Hardness Test.

On the Mohs scale of hardness, mookaite is rated as 7 as they are cryptocrystalline quartz variety, so it has the same hardness as quartz. These are extremely inflexible and hard stones that are difficult to scratch or cut into pieces with tools like a knife or glass. Since imitation jasper is softer than genuine jasper, it is more readily scratched.

Natural Colour

Mookaite is a natural coloured gemstone. comes in variety of colours. The colour in it seems like running water as it is originated from the place which is known for its natural running water. The most common they occur in green, red, yellow, orange, beige, and brown colors which are very natural and gentle. The fake jasper comes in very vivid and bright colors as glowing blue, acid purple, etc.


You can find a list of the most popular trade names for mookaite jasper on the internet, which will help you purchase genuine mookaite jewelry. Mookaite has a variety of trade names, making it impossible to remember them all. Check the list before you buy it because phony jasper sometimes comes with elaborate trade names.


When purchasing genuine jasper, you are secure doing so on a well-known website like Amazon or Etsy, but kindly stay away from the material’s vibrant colors. Jasper should be purchased in a rough state because tumbled stones or beads may be fakes, according to yet another piece of advice.

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Enhancements Added

Nowadays, to make gemstones even more alluring and stupendous, some enhancements are added as a final touch, the same goes for Mookaite. In no way or the other, do these enhancements deteriorates the authenticity of the gemstone. This is because they are like additional color-toping or protection. Some gemstones are treated with universal enhancements that will not require any special care or treatment just as natural stone mookaite jasper.


So ,to get your own beautiful, genuine, and elegant mookaite jewelry do visit Rananjay Exports, we provide you with quality.

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Happy shopping!


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