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How can I change my flight date after booking?

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Often one might feel the need to change British Airways booked flight dates. The reasons for this can be many. Whether you have different travel plans; encounter an unforeseen incident or need to rebook your flight for other reasons – you can easily and efficiently do it from the comfort of your home. BA offers very consumer-friendly flight modification policies that are free most of the time. While other times may require a flight changing fee.

Here’s how you can change your flight date after booking.


The first step towards understanding your flight modification eligibility is to evaluate your ticket type. Are you eligible for a flight modification or not? This is because base fare flights don’t usually have flexible flight rebooking or changing policies. So, it is essential that you understand your flight ticket first.

Time of changing.

The airline has a specific period which allows the travelers to modify their flights as per their needs. if that period has passed, you’ll end up paying higher amounts for the flight modifications. So, make sure that you have sufficient time available to make the necessary flight changes and not opt for last-minute arrangements.

Once you’ve understood your eligibility for a flight date change, you can proceed with any of the following methods for the purpose.


To change your flight dates with the website, the most reliable medium, use the following steps.

  • Browse BA’s official site at
  • On the homepage, locate the ‘Manage my Booking’ option to click on it.
  • When you are on the new page, enter your essential travel details for the previously booked flight. This detail consists of your last name and booking reference number or PNR.
  • Enter these details to log in to your account and gain access to your real-time flight information.
  • Review your flight and modify it. Find the suitable days for your flights as per your need.
  • Confirm by making the payment (if any).
  • You’ll get a confirmation email from the airline within a few minutes.

Mobile application.

BA understands the feasibility of its platform for users across all mediums. As a result, the airline offers mobile applications for both iOS and Android phones. The procedure to change your flight date with a mobile application is almost the same as the through the website.

Physical facilitation centres.

If you are a lover of old-school methods of doing things, you can go to the nearest physical facilitation centre of the airline in your area and get your flight dates changed. Speak to our presentive there, specify your demands and have your flights modified.

  • Locate the nearest office of the airline in your area. It can be a regional headquarters, customer service centre or even a ticketing booth/office.
  • Make your request for the flight change to the airline staff present there and provide valid documents for your previously booked flight.
  • Select a flight that best matches your affordability and needs.
  • Confirm and pay the fare difference (if any).

Customer support.

The customer support staff of the airline is available 24/7 for your assistance. Therefore, you can call the representatives of the BA anytime and let our professional travel agents do all of your flight modification tasks, minimizing the room for making any errors.

Third-party travel agent.

If you’ve made your flight booking with a third-party travel agent, website or aggregator – you can change your flight dates by contacting the relevant agent only. The agent would make all the necessary adjustments to your ticket on your behalf.





So, that’s how you can change your flight date after booking with British Airways premium economy.


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