Fashion is a reflection of detail and beauty

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Written By Julian Lusin

“Fashion serves as a canvas reflecting attractiveness, yet its essence lies in comfort. For some, comfort is draped in loose attire, while for others, it embraces the nit fit of jeans and a top. The beauty of fashion lies in its diverse definitions; it integrates self-love, silently speaking emotions without words. Fashion is a deep expression of one’s identity, a language that communicates acceptance or rejection, conforming to the societal norms we navigate.”
Clothes speak a lot about style of a person. It’s an impression that speaks louder before you’d say a word. It’s not only about wearing cloths it is something how comfortable you feel from inside. From casual to formal, fashion speaks beyond purposes. The fashion world is blooming with pattern, designs, embellishments, fabrics, and colors progressing every single day.

Indian fashion industry involve a bunch of creativity like researching, cutting, designing, brainstorming, and selling. Many designers and influencer have present their thoughts about fashion such as: “Manish Malhotra” said “As designer, It is my prerogative to preserve my heritage and create designs that reflect our contemporary India.” He added “What works for our Indian crafts is the mix of craftsmanship, culture and a touch of modernity.”
Other designer “Ritu Kumar” mentioned that “Wear your clothes, don’t ever let your clothes wear you”. She also mentioned that “We are past the age of trends”. The only trend I want to see for the rest of my life is a growing consciousness of the value of your voice as a shopper in choosing and living sustainably. She added One of the famous designer Manav Gangwani once said reflection of beauty and details” Also he added that I believe it is important that a designer puts all his inspiration and thoughts to design a garments that reflects his personality keeping in mind the latest trends”. Indian couture is very diverse as we can can get inspire from the various region of the country.

As I take ideas from the different corners of the country. We can represent the rich heritage of India with the combination of history of fashion in our design. As per Manav Gangwani Every season the fashion industry tries to change the stereotypical dressing.

In conclusion, fashion is indeed a captivating canvas that beautifully blends detail and beauty, comfort and style. It transcends boundaries, allowing individuals to express their unique identities and emotions without uttering a word. Whether it’s the casual comfort of loose attire or the snug fit of jeans and a top, fashion speaks volumes about who we are and how we navigate the norms of society.

The fashion world is a dynamic realm, ever-evolving with patterns, designs, fabrics, and colors. In the vibrant landscape of Indian fashion, creativity thrives through research, cutting-edge design, brainstorming, and selling. Renowned designers and influencers like Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, and Manav Gangwani emphasize the importance of preserving heritage, embracing craftsmanship, and staying true to one’s personality while keeping an eye on the latest trends.

Indian couture, richly diverse and inspired by various regions of the country, allows us to represent India’s rich heritage while infusing it with contemporary fashion. With each passing season, the fashion industry strives to break free from stereotypes and redefine the way we dress.

As we journey through the kaleidoscope of Indian fashion, let’s celebrate the reflection of beauty and detail in every garment. Let’s cherish the stories woven into each fabric, and let’s continue to evolve and redefine fashion as a language that speaks of acceptance, self-expression, and the ever-changing tapestry of life.


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