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Everything you wanted to ask about a flat roof | Empire Construction NY

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First of all, not everyone understands at what stage in the design of a house the customer should decide on the choice of roofing. “Of course, it is better to decide at the stage of creating a house project. Maxim says. – In the meantime, construction is underway, you can safely choose which roof you want – exploited or not. The most important thing is to correctly take into account all the loads and choose the appropriate solution before starting the installation of the roof,” Maxim explains.

One of the main questions that worries all customers is how much will a flat roof cost? “It all depends on the roofing pie and the amount that the Roofing Contractors NYC will ask for installation,” says the expert. – It is a myth that flat roofs are expensive. In our country, the cost of arranging a flat roof ranges from $8,500–$14,300 per square meter. Therefore, of course, it is a pleasure, but quite affordable. The materials of the Empire Construction NY Corporation are proof of this. We offer the best value for money, and our solutions are popular, including in private construction.”

As for additional costs, in the case of a flat roof, they are unlikely and appear more due to the wishes of the customer than because of necessity. “For example, costs may increase if, during the installation process, the customer wants to increase the thickness of the insulation or polymer membrane. Therefore, as I have already said, the main thing is to choose the right solution once, and then there will be no unforeseen expenses,”

Also, questions often arise about the drainage system and the resistance of the roof to snow and wind loads.

“If properly organized drainage, then the water on the roof will not accumulate. There are several ways – an internal drain, an external one in the form of gutters along the wall and parapet funnels, – says Maxim. – As for wind loads, they are not terrible for a flat roof. During its installation, adhesive systems or fasteners are used. Another question is how to correctly calculate the required amount of fasteners. In this case, we offer to make online calculations on the company’s website The program takes into account many factors – this is the region of construction, the height of the building, the nature of the terrain, the type of foundation. Therefore, the data is correct and can be used immediately, without additional consultations.”

Another common question is the warranty on building materials. However, most warranty cases are a violation of the rules and installation technology. Therefore, as practice shows, the Roof Repair Contractors NY NY guarantee is much more important for the customer,” the expert says.

Now that you know the basics of flat Roofing NY, the key is to find a reliable Flat Roof Contractors NYC. And then you can enjoy the beauty, convenience and quality of a flat roof for many years.

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