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Essential Qualities of Non-Impact Printers You Should Know

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Modern-day technologies have revolutionized the current printing industry. We have witnessed some mind-blowing additions to the industry, and many are yet to come. The introduction of non-impact printers shocked everyone since it was a completely new concept. Printing documents in a contactless manner is something eyes didn’t believe until today. These devices allow you to quickly and effectively print documents and photos. It would be best to know about the qualities and characteristics of these printers before purchasing or renting one. This post will reveal essential qualities of non-impact printers you should know. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Essential qualities of non-impact printers:

A non-impact printer does not necessarily require contact with paper to produce the output (print job). These devices often use modern-day techniques like laser beams and heat waves to print documents. A few examples include laser and thermal printers. You will find numerous reasons to prefer non-impact printers over impact printers. However, we will not fall into that debate. We are here to discuss the essential qualities of non-impact printers that you must know. Let us dive deep into the list!

1. Faster printing speed:

Non-impact printers are known to produce print jobs at a higher speed. When compared with impact printers, speed is probably the differentiating factor between these two. Printing large volumes of documents is easier with non-impact printers since they come with a higher PPM rate. Features like automated double-sided printing can add to the speed, enhancing the overall productivity rate in your organization. Large-scale organizations can capitalize on non-impact printers to produce better and fast printing outcomes.

Automatic document feeders can also increase the printing speed of non-impact printers. These terms might sound technical, but you don’t have to worry about them. These devices are easy-to-use, and nothing complex will ever disturb you.

2. Greater flexibility:

Non-impact printers can be used in different industries for varied purposes. They can handle a wide range of media types and sizes, giving you an upper hand in the industry. You can create various printed materials for your marketing and other business purposes. Nothing can help you more than a versatile non-impact printer when it comes to different printing needs.

Talking about the connectivity options of these devices, they are highly flexible. Most non-impact printers come with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilities. Do you want to rent a tech-savvy non-impact printer for your business to enjoy these benefits? Contact Xerox Dubai companies today and rent one for your business!

3. Requires lower maintenance:

As discussed earlier, non-impact printers are easy to use. There is nothing complex in the user interface of these devices. Therefore, non-impact printers require lower maintenance. No moving parts in these printers come into direct contact with the paper, making them live longer than impact printers. Moreover, you will never frequent mechanical failures in these devices, making them the best option in the printing industry.

Non-impact printers carry a lower risk of paper jams due to misaligning components and paper. Non-impact printers’ self-cleaning mechanism will relax you about the cleaning tasks. The ink-drying system will never leave the device dirty, making it live longer than other alternatives.

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4. High-quality prints:

Talking about the quality of printouts, there is no debate. Non-impact printers can produce high-quality prints. The sharp details and vibrant colors of the output will leave you WOW! No other printer can beat a non-impact device when it comes to color definition and detailing. How about printing a document with up to 1200 dpi (dots per inch)? It sounds fantastic!

The print industry has never seen a better alternative for non-impact printers. The fine details and color definition of these devices can perform complicated print tasks effectively. Why not opt for it if you print too often? It can save you money and time!

5. No noise:

Non-impact printers can work quietly, making no noise in your office. When compared with other printer types, non-impact printers sound more professional and office-friendly. Due to the lack of physical contact with the paper, you will never hear much noise when printing with a non-impact device. Impact printers can create a hammering voice due to physical contact with materials.

Office environments are often quiet, and they need something to work quietly. A non-impact printer is probably the best choice to go with. It would be best to contact Xerox product dealer in Dubai companies and rent a non-impact printer for your office. It will help you save money and time while enhancing print quality and speed.

Enjoy better print outcomes with Xerox!

Xerox is probably the best non-impact printer with high-quality resolution and speed. The printer can create timely print outcomes with fine details and vibrant colors. It would be best to contact reliable printer rental companies and rent a non-impact printer for your business or office. The decision will bring numerous benefits to your business/office.


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