Enjoy the spiritual journey by booking char Dham yatra package from Mumbai

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The heavenly char Dham abode is nested in the Himalayas.  The Holy place instigates human beings for better spiritual actions and attainment of salvation. Hence, booking a char Dham yatra package from Mumbai would be your step towards a better tomorrow. The wonderful pathway of divinity brings positive influences in life. The paradise on the face of earth brings immense Tranquility and happiness once visited. The four pilgrim places of Uttarakhand namely -Gangotri Yamunotri Badrinath and Kedarnath are very sacred. Take a glimpse of a heavenly shrine and ensure to bring the blessings of the Lord in your life and to the future generations.

What is char Dham yatra 2024?

The char Dham yatra is a prehistoric Hinduism pilgrim. It was discovered by Shri Aadi Shankaracharya who emphasized on the four holy destinations for receiving salvation. The Himalayas are surrounded by thick layers of snow and are completely unadulterated. That is why it is known as the land of the Lord where all the deities are believed to stay. Visiting Chardham from Mumbai holds a great significance. It brings freedom from reincarnation and Provides eternal serenity.

When will the Char Dham yatra begin in 2024?

The Sacred journey of char Dham yatra 2024 shall begin from the month of April onwards. The Priest is going to announce the exact date of temple opening on the occasion of Basant Panchami. The pilgrim tour provides serenity, happiness and immense satisfaction of mind. It is said that the holy river Gangotri and Yamunotri helps to cut away the ties of sins. Every year, the place helps millions of pilgrims and visitors to obtain Inner peace and salvation. Visiting Chardham from Mumbai holds a great significance. It brings freedom from reincarnation and Provides eternal serenity. The Holy dips remain warm even after the cold weather prevailing in the Himalayas. They Are very soothing and known to bring wellness in the body.

Describing four main locations of Chardham –

  • Gangotri

Gaumukh is the major place of Gangotri which holds religious significance. Situated at an altitude of 32m, the worship of Gangotri is the first step soon after the pilgrims head towards the Yamunotri section of char Dham.

  • Yamunotri

Another puja is conducted at Yamunotri which is the second Most important part of the Char Dham yatra. People take holy dip in the river of Yamunotri and worship the holy river to seek blessings .

  • Kedarnath

The most important step of the char Dham yatra is visiting Kedarnath – Lord Shiva temple. It is situated at Gadwal area of Himalaya and is the most sacred shrine on earth.

  • Badrinath

The journey concludes at Badrinath where the shrine of Lord Vishnu is located. The Sri Badrinath temple is known to be dedicated to Lord Vishnu Brahma and Shiva. It brings reincarnation in life and happiness eternally .

If you long for char Dham yatra 2024, book a reputed agency to look after all the arrangements including hotel booking and means of transportation. Just pay attention to the important aspects of spiritual tourism and leave the rest to these expert operators and agencies.

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