How to Convert MSG to Doc in 5 Clicks? – Full Guide

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In today’s world, many Outlook application users are confused about how to convert MSG to DOC. This is because users take precautions to avoid data loss. It helps them update their data as per their needs. Whether to choose the manual method or the automated method while msg to word conversion?- is another headache. In addition, you can also use the Cigati MSG Converter tool to convert bulk MSG files to Word documents. 

This blog will discuss the MSG files to DOC format conversion/. By saving it in a Word file, users can easily update, alter, and delete their data accordingly. We will find out how beneficial it is to change MSG files to Word Documents and the drawbacks. So, let’s start the blog by answering a simple question: 


  1. MSG FILE: The MSG file format is a specific format in MS Outlook that uses MSG files to export content like calendar appointments and email messages. For its intended use, MSG files include relevant information. It might include the sender and recipient, the time and date the email was received, the subject, and the body of the message. If you want to save calendar appointments, an MSG file may contain the date, location, and other invited users. You should use only genuine MSG files, as most files are packed with malware. 
  2. Word (DOC) FILE: Files with the .doc extension show the files generated by Microsoft Word. It is used for plain text documentation. Microsoft took a while before publishing the DOC file format specifications, not doing so until 2008. Under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise, format specifications for the.doc file format were made public in February 2008. The DOC file can contain photos, text, graphs, charts, etc.


  •  Exporting Outlook MSG to Word documents has the advantage you can open and modify them at any time on various electronic devices. You only need Microsoft Word, no Internet access, and no Outlook installed. You can also open DOC files in Google Docs.
  • Another benefit you will get after the MSG to Word conversion is that you will get tools to manage your Citations and references. 
  • The next benefit after conversion is that in Word (DOC files), you will also have an inbuilt spell and grammar-checking tool through which you can edit and write clear words and sentences.
  • After converting your MSG file to a DOC file, you can also save your work automatically at regular intervals in MS Word.  


You can convert MSG into DOC both by using a manual approach and a direct approach. 

#1. The Manual Approach of Conversion:  

The steps to convert MSG to DOC manually are as follows: 

  • Open the MSG file on Outlook. Click on FILE >> SAVE AS. 
  • Select the destination path to save your file. Choose the file type as .mht or HTML and save the file. 
  • Now, open the saved file in the MS Word application. Then click on FILE >> SAVE AS. 
  • Select the destination path again, and pick the file type. DOC.


The limitations of the MSG to Word conversion are as follows:

  • The method to change MSG files to Word documents isn’t a direct process. It allows you to convert a single file at a time. As a result, it leads to a time-consuming process. 
  • The main drawback you will face while converting MSG to DOC is that you can’t save attachments from the original message.

#2. The Direct Approach MSG to DOC Converter:

Cigati MSG Converter Tool is the best and top-notch utility. This tool proves to be the best solution to change your MSG files into Word documents or any other format. In addition, this software maintains data integrity and allows users to perform the conversion without data loss. In simple terms, this tool follows the algorithm of 0% data loss throughout the process. In fact, users can also back up their attachments while performing the conversion process. This wizard permits users to review your files in a preview panel before the procedure. 

The steps for a hassle-free conversion of MSG files through the Cigati MSG Converter tool are as follows: 

  • Open the Cigati MSG Converter tool on your system. Select the single file/ multiple files option and click the NEXT button. 
  • Select the “select files” option from the left panel and choose the MSG file you wish to convert. Select the file row and click the NEXT button. 
  • Select the files from the tree hierarchy and click the PREVIEW button to preview your file.
  • Click on the NEXT button. Select the file format from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the path to save your converted file, and finally, click the CONVERT button. 

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This blog has gone through various stages to convert MSG to DOC. Moreover, we performed the procedure to export the MSG files through the manual and the direct technique. We learned about the drawbacks of the manual process and the usage of the MSG to DOC converter in another way. By using the straightforward procedure, you can save time and convert your MSG files without limitations.

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