Bounce Bag And Luggage Storage Anywhere In The Us Cities

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Are you planning a trip to the US cities or are you already wanderlusting in New York? Either ways we have a special tip for you travellers! We proudly present to you the most innovative travel service we encountered so far, and this is no other than the start up called Bounce! Bounce is a bag and luggage storage service available in most of the US cities, in the lowest price ever and in the most amazing and convenient way!

But lets start by making a common assumption, and this would be that we all love travelling! But what is it that makes our travel experience even better? The apps and services that are built to make a traveler’s life easier.

In addition to the most famous applications that offer travel services such as Uber, Google maps, ParkAround, Jump bikes etc. we discovered a new innovative luggage service, different from the others. You all know the typical luggage service (we already presented to you the first lockers in Athens), the thing you dont know yet is that Bounce’s idea of storage is based on a different concept making it very unique!

What makes Bounce so special?

Bounce takes advantage of the extra space available in a common neighborhood store strictly selected by Bounce itself, and gathers all these businesses on its platform, making this extra space available to you. We are not just talking about a lockers-type store, but a grocery store, a hairdresser, etc, which makes the most of its useful space, since there is one, of course, and its guarded safely enough to accommodate your luggage!

  1. Download and Install the App: Search for “Bounce – Luggage Storage” on your device’s app store (iOS or Android), download the app, and install it. please select Bounce Luggage Storage Coupon.
  2. Sign Up or Log In: Open the app and either sign up for a new account or log in if you already have one.
  3. Search for Locations: Once you’re logged in, the app will likely show you a map of your current location or allow you to search for a city. You can search for specific locations, landmarks, or addresses where you would like to store your luggage.
  4. Select a Storage Location: Browse through the available storage locations on the map or in the list view. Each storage location should display its name, address, opening hours, and a brief description.
  5. Check Pricing and Details: Click on a storage location to view more details, including pricing. Bounce often charges a flat fee per bag, which usually covers a certain time duration (e.g., per day). Make sure to read any specific terms or conditions for that location.
  6. Book a Storage Spot: After selecting a location, choose the number of bags you want to store and for how long. Confirm your booking and make the payment through the app. You’ll likely receive a booking confirmation with a QR code or booking reference.
  7. Drop Off Your Luggage: Visit the selected storage location during its operating hours. Show the staff your booking confirmation, either the QR code or the booking reference, to drop off your luggage. They will securely store your bags and provide you with a receipt.
  8. Enjoy Your Time: With your luggage safely stored, you’re free to explore the city without the burden of carrying your bags.
  9. Pick Up Your Luggage: Return to the storage location before its closing time to collect your luggage. Present your receipt or booking confirmation to retrieve your bags.
  10. Rate and Review: After using the service, you may have the option to rate and review the storage location. Your feedback can help other users make informed decisions.

Remember, it’s important to double-check the information on the Bounce app itself, as there might have been changes or updates since my last knowledge update. Additionally, always ensure that you follow any guidelines or instructions provided by the storage location to ensure a smooth experience.

If you encounter any issues or need help while using the app, refer to the app’s support or customer service resources for assistance.

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