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Best Jewelry Design Tools to Help Grow Your Jewelry Business

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There are a plethora of promotional options available for the jewelry industry. When did you last consider creating your jewelry design? A variety of excellent jewellery-making applications is available for use on computers. Okay, so let us get going!


3Shaper is a free-form modeller and sculptor. It may be used as a plug-in for the professional edition of 3Design, or it can be used independently. You may use 3Shaper to design intricate organic forms. This one is great for making ajours or similar drinks. The office area has been optimized for greater productivity.


Autodesk just purchased the digital painting and sculpting program Mudbox. Useful for making and altering jewellery and other creative things. You may experiment with organic forms, paint textures, and use displacement. While ZBrush and Mudbox have many similarities, Mudbox is a classic 3D modelling program. It’s based on the concept of layers, so you may save many detail passes, apply masks to them, and blend them. Because of this, the user may adjust the 3D model of his work without fear of losing his previous efforts. Obviously, this has the potential to be a fantastic answer for your jewellery creations.

Adobe Illustrator Vector Graphics Software

Drawing 2D lines in Adobe Illustrator for jewelry design may then be exported as a 3D model for usage in technical illustration. The 3D panel also includes access to more sophisticated 3D effects that users may play around with. These include material effects, other lighting settings, rotation, etc.

When it comes to laser engraving, the graphic design platform comes in helpful. One of the software’s many special capabilities is the ability to take a scanned photograph of a product to create a 3D print model.

Jewelry CAD dream

For higher precision and HD quality in jewelry creation, CAD dream software is employed. The PLS (Protection Layering System) and floating grass technologies are built into this program. Jewelry may be designed, printed, and finished quickly with the help of these technologies..

The Jewelry CAD Dream software is intuitive. The UI is meant to be straightforward and intuitive. The program also comes equipped with robust design tools. You may easily make intricate, high-quality jewelry designs thanks to the strong design tools at your disposal. The final products of Jewelry CAD Dream are of a professional standard.


If you have any experience with 3D modeling at all, you will be familiar with Rhino3D. As it allows for the creation of complicated and exact models, it finds special use in architectural and industrial design. If you are interested in jewelry creation, you may find one of the available variants, RhinoGold, very useful. You may make intricate jewelry with the help of this program that is specifically designed for that purpose. You are given a wide variety of jewelry parts from which to choose and assemble your unique pieces. Rings, earrings, bracelets, halos, pendants, eternity bands, etc., may be affixed to the body in any way you see fit. RhinoGold provides a variety of resources that allow you to design and produce jewelry from scratch. RhinoGold’s inclusion of both a modeling and an engraving module makes it a useful tool for creating 3D models of jewelry. When compared to other professional jewellery design programs, Rhino 7 is one of the more reasonably priced options.

The latest release of Rhino, version 7, is the most substantial upgrade to date for the popular jewellery design program. The new subdivision (SubD) geometry type is one of the most amazing additions since it facilitates the rapid creation of editable, precise organic structures. This is unlike any other geometry type since it combines free-form precision with fast editing. Designers have a lot of leeway in this program since they may use NURBs for modelling, test mass characteristics, and see results instantly. Rhino 7 also allows you to make stunning visual representations of your concepts. Rhino 7 isn’t built for jewellery creation, but it is compatible with a number of common plugins that are well-suited to creating both one-of-a-kind pieces and production runs of thousands.


WizeGem is web-based jewelry design software that employs 3D technology to provide unique customization of jewelry creations. Users may have the benefit of seeing the evolving designs in real-time as they are created. This program for making jewelry may also be used to translate product drawings and replicate the most popular items.


When it comes to free software for creating jewelry designs, Sketchup is hard to beat. In comparison to other commercially available programs, its many useful features are at no cost. The internal instrument representation is intuitive and simple to use.

This program is at the top of the list of jewelry-designing educational resources. If you are designing jewelry, you can quickly and simply save your work in the SKP format and then export it to the STL format for 3D printing. Scale, Artisan Organic, Sandbox, and many more are just a few of the tools that make 3D printing prototypes a breeze.


One of the most used programs for creating jewelry is this one. The learning curve is low, the user interface is pleasant, and the features are straightforward. It provides a great deal of flexibility, letting users create stunning designs.

Curve and point editing, stone array generation, and photorealistic rendering are just some of the functions that JewelCAD enables. There is also the option to produce files for CNC machining and STL files for 3D printing, as well as determine the required weight and number of stones.


Blender is a popular option among the many open-source, free programs out there. Blender is not parametric but rather a direct modeling program based on mesh. Easily save and export files, including your jewelry designs, to a variety of file types.

Blender enables the whole of the 3D process, from animation to compositing to rigging to motion tracking to rendering to modeling and simulation. This free jewelry design program will not restrict your imagination.


The best programs for creating jewelry designs from jewelry manufacturer services are discussed here. This program, in conjunction with 3D printing, opens up a world of possibilities and individualization. Get the finest tools if you want to make decorations as a vocation.


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