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Top Ranked Universities For MBA In USA

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If you are planning to study abroad, it is advisable to reach out to a study abroad consultant in Trivandrum. They can assist you in selecting the most appropriate program for your requirements and interests.

USA has many top-rated colleges whose degree is globally renowned. They indeed provide knowledge and help you gain real-world experiences. Not only does it provide you with the best education but also a job in the top companies in the world. A study abroad counsellor will help you get into your dream university. Thus, the USA is one of the top choices of every student.

MBA is chosen by students from all backgrounds. The degree is required for a manager position. It is of different types, like part-time, full-time, online and executive. Every college has different criteria besides, the officers making sure you fit in all the categories. In fact, the USA is a dream place for many aspiring students. Below are the top 5 colleges in the USA for an MBA:

Top Ranked Universities For MBA In USA

To get admission into the top colleges of the nation, you need to clear the standard test and pass it with a good score. USA is a hub for students who want to pursue an MBA and get a job in top companies with good packages. In fact, it has over 100 colleges where you can pursue an MBA. Mostly in all the colleges, the duration of the course is two years.

The best consultant for study abroad helps you get into the college of your choice. They give you all the necessary information and fill out the application form as per the norms. The USA offers opportunities which no other country in the world can offer. In addition, it has the headquarters of almost all the best companies in the world. You will enjoy studying as well as their culture. Check the list of top five B-schools in the USA:

Harvard University

Harvard is a name which does not require an introduction. It is one of the most renowned and well-established colleges. Every student dreams of studying at Harvard, but it requires an excellent academic background and good test scores. Harvard is famous for its quality education and gives real-world experience. It creates a space for students which helps them grow and shape their careers in the best way possible.

The study abroad counsellor will give you details, about the courses it offers and a considerable test score. Thus, Harvard offers a 20-month course with a summer internship. To get into college, you have to pass the TOEFL or PTE exams.

Stanford Graduate School Of Business  

Stanford Graduate School of Business is on the list of top ten colleges for MBA in the world. It is situated in California. It has one of the top faculty and provides in-depth knowledge about the subject. They have an innovative approach, which helps them create a personal dashboard for all the students. The college’s motto is to make the leaders who can change the world.

Stanford is very strict with their admission policy. You need to be perfect in everything. A study abroad counsellor who has helped many students get their dream college will also help you get through it. Try to get a brief knowledge of the college and its process. Not only do they have the best counsellors but also the agents who will prepare you for every small thing.

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

MIT is located in Cambridge. It is named one of the best colleges in the USA for an MBA. They give you the flexibility of choosing the subjects based on your needs. Hence, it is known to be one of the most affordable colleges dealing in postgraduate courses. MIT has a healthy learning environment along with the best placement facilities.

A study abroad counsellor will first check whether you clear the eligibility criteria to get into the college. It requires a bachelor’s degree and a GPA of 3.9, and work experience is not compulsory. If you fit in the requirements, they will process with application and visa. Also, they give you a list of scholarships that a college offers.

University Of California, Los Angeles

The UCLA offers up to 250 courses for undergraduates and postgraduates. UCLA sees more admissions than any other college in the country. It gives 100% placements within six months of completion of the course. The fees are quite low, unlike any other big college in the country.

However, getting admission to the University of California is not easy. They receive lakhs of applications in a year. The study abroad counsellor will make your process easy and fulfil all the requirements. They may help you get scholarships based on merit. Likewise, a UCLA degree boosts your career and opens doors to many work options.

Yale School Of Management

Yale is one of the oldest college and private Ivy League colleges. It is in New Haven. Yale’s culture attracts students who believe in loyalty. Yale is on the list of the world’s top 20 colleges due to its quality of education and diverse culture. The acceptance ratio of applications is less than any other college in the USA.

Hence, if you are passionate about your career and want to get into Yale School of Management, get help from the study abroad counsellor. It will increase your chances of getting admission in MBA. Also, it is one of the leading B-schools which provides practical knowledge and helps you build worldly skills.

Summing It Up 

MBA is a widely chosen course for students from all over the world. The USA is famous for its rich culture and quality education. There are several choices from colleges and courses. As one of the most popular courses, it is more costly than any other option. The price is based on the branch and subjects you choose. MBA is a two-year course which teaches you managerial skills. The best consultant for study abroad will definitely help you pick the college based on your needs.

Though studying MBA is a costly affair, it becomes affordable when you receive a scholarship. You will get all the details about it from your consultant, and they also give you information about student loans. Your agent supports you whenever you want them and makes this process easy. As discussed above, these colleges undoubtedly are on top in the world and give you quality education with the best placements.


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