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All about the Kalsubai Trek – Create Memories

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Maharashtra, with its verdant mountains known as the Sahyadris that bring amazing sights, can hardly be left behind in this tour. This range has many treasures, one of which is the Kalsubai Trek that calls not only experienced trekkers but also, beginners. Fondly known as ‘The Valley of Gods’, this trail is literally breathtaking, and it offers one of its kind thrills in nature.


A Glimpse of Kalsubai:

Kalsubai stands at 1,646 metres, being the highest in Maharashtra State. It’s located within the Western Ghats region that forms the Sahyadri range. It is named after ‘Kalsubai’. This is in honour of a regional deity who presides over this peak known as Kalsu, while his shrine can be found on its top. The trek entails both the physical and spiritual aspects and is not merely a physical pursuit. This trek is special in many other ways including the fact that many trekkers pay homage at their summit to the deity.


The Trek Begins:

Starting with the Bari base village; the Kalsubai Trek commences. Bari lies in Akole Taluka of the Ahmednagar district at a distance of 154 kilometres from Mumbai. You can board to Igatpuri from Kasara bus stop where you will connect another bus to Bari base. The village accepts trekkers wholeheartedly; you will see your host family’s kid directing you on your way. Treks with a distance of about 5-6 km either way are suitable for newbies who would also enjoy experienced trekkers.


Challenging yet Rewarding:

The trek Kalsubai is a combination of challenges and rewards. The first part leads you through the lush vegetation, which features very tall and shady trees that create a peaceful feeling. The path is steep and stony, requiring some effort as you climb. Being aware of sudden changes in the weather; therefore, one must prepare oneself with both warm and cool clothes.


The Ladder and the Iron Stairs:

Ladder and iron stairs are two landmarks in this trekkers’. This makes climbing very exciting. Iron stairs follow, somewhat ease up as you trudge through the slope. The presence of these ingredients makes the trek more exciting and brings its own charisma related uniqueness.


The Summit:

The feeling of achievement for summiting Kalsubai cannot be equaled. Seeing panoramic views at the summit is great. On a clear day, you can view kilometres and kilometres of the Sahyadris which are full of greenery. The scene is so soothing to the mind, rekindling a link between man and nature. Its vividly-painted flag and Kalsu temple represent the religious meaning of the hike.


The Chilly Nights:

It is normally during the evenings that the descent starts from the peak of Kalsubai. Temperature also falls dramatically towards the setting in of the sun. Remember to have warm clothes with you during the downhill part. While the descent is relatively easy, one has to be careful especially when using a torch or a headlight as the forested path is quite dark.


Camping at Bari Village:

Bari is a preferred resting point among many trekkers making the Kalsubai trek with a view of maximising the entire experience. Camping in the village is an interesting moment with some primitive facilities and enjoying the beauty of the village’s sky that is covered with stars.



Unlike any other trek in Maharashtra, the Kalsubai trek is not only about topping the highest peak within this state in particular but also connecting with nature, testing your physical boundaries, and arousing your inner feelings. It is an epic travel experience where your unforgettable moments and the feeling of accomplishment are unparalleled to any other travels in the Sahyadri’s natural treasures. So, if you want an exciting trek that will also nourish your soul, then make sure that you include Kalsubai in your plans. Put on your hiking clothes, get into the mood, and head towards fascinating Kalsubai tourism.


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