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One way in which tells people about the thought process of a person and gives us an insight into his or her mind is through the way he/she maintains his or her surroundings and his self. Now when we talk of maintaining our surroundings an important component of which is cleanliness and decoration. While maintaining and beautifying our surroundings, a major component is an Interior decoration. Interior decoration does not only refer to a few paintings hanging on the walls but also the wall paint, the furniture, and also the carpet that is lying on the floor.

As per a very popular company specializing in providing carpet cleaning in Nanaimo“ just the way people start judging a person by the kind of shoes he/she is wearing the same way the first that people notice when they are visiting a person’s house for the first time is the flooring, a carpet on the flooring is what gives an added impression just like the cherry on the cake.

The oldest carpets that have been existing since the evolution of time were the ones that were woven by skilled craftsmen with paint-like colors.

History of weaving carpets 

The earliest form of oriental carpets originated in Central Asia when animal hides with multipurpose paint were used for the reason for decorating and also as a mat. Through the process of overseas trade when the weaving loom traveled to Iran that was when craftsmen began using the loom to inscribe verses from the holy Quran to make prayer mats to use during the offering of namaz. It is said that when the great Mughal emperor Akbar came to India he introduced and patronized the art of carpet making, and also employed skilled craftsmen to inculcate the art among the prisoners of the royal palace.

Fun facts about oriental carpets that no one knew 

  1. The earliest oriental carpets were made of the Persian Knot, and only included geometric patterns and colorful paintings, humans, and birds were not allowed as it was not permitted in the Koran. Because Akbar, Jahangir, and Shah Jahan were tolerant towards other religions which is why some of the ancient oriental carpets that were made during the Mughal era in India included scenes from Indian Mythology as well. 
  2. It is also said that carpets formed a major part of foreign exchange in the olden days when cross-overseas trade used to take place between countries that were wide apart.
  3. The problem of cleaning carpets have been existing for a very long time, while the French made use of a loaf of bread to clean carpets the Persian or the Turkish often beat their carpets with a huge stick to let out all the dust clogged the loom of the carpet.
  4. Other research clearly shows that gas-fired water heaters did exist during the Mughal period which eventually gave birth to the system of pressure cleaning now when we see pressure cleaning there is an ample number of pressure cleaning systems everywhere but their base has always been in the ancient times.” Explained a very popular cleaners in Vancouver.

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