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A Quick Guide to Designing Husband and Wife Headstones

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For many people with the loss of a life partner is a deeply emotional journey, akin to losing an integral part of oneself. Amidst this poignant process, the solace of knowing that you and your beloved can find eternal togetherness and that your profound love can be immortalized is a source of profound comfort.

Are you seeking inspiration for designing husband and wife headstones? Explore our comprehensive guide tailored to creating a heartfelt and unique memorial for married couples.

Innovative Ideas for Couple Tombstones

Double Tombstones for Marital Partners:

An emblem of eternal union, couple memorials pave the way for shared final resting places. Typically interred side by side, these headstones offer an avenue for personalized designs that encapsulate the unique bond between spouses. Couples often opt for individual grave markers imbued with akin or complementary designs, signifying the tapestry of their shared love.

Single Tombstone with Dual Names:

For those planning to share the final resting place with their living or departed spouse, the notion of a single tombstone bearing two names beckons. Symbolizing a bond that transcends mortality, this design showcases the enduring strength of the marital connection.

Often referred to as a “companion headstone,” this design typically spans 36 x 12 x 4 inches, aptly covering the width of side-by-side graves. Dimensions may vary contingent on cemetery regulations.

Engraving names and birth dates initially, with the inclusion of designs and death dates at a later time, offers a customizable avenue. Alternatively, leaving the headstone unmarked until both spouses have passed away is also an option.

Portraits and Photographs:

Many married couples aspire to leave behind a vivid tableau of their love and life for generations to come. Memorial portraits serve as poignant tributes, capturing the essence of loved ones at their best. Couples can opt to integrate individual or joint portraits onto the tombstone, employing techniques such as hand engraving, laser engraving, or the incorporation of porcelain or ceramic images.

Symbolism on Tombstones:

Tombstone designs often incorporate symbols that hold personal significance for the couple. These symbols, representing shared aspects of life such as careers, faith, hobbies, or even cherished pets, are typically laser-engraved onto the tombstone. A testament to the depth of their shared journey, these symbols serve as visual legacies.

Acknowledging Relationships with Family Members:

Traditional husband and wife headstones often encompass inscriptions that epitomize the significance of the couple’s relationship not only to each other but also to their broader family. Terms such as “father,” “mother,” “husband,” and “wife” resonate as poignant markers of the pivotal roles the departed played in their loved ones’ lives.

Quotes and Meaningful Sayings:

Quotes, phrases, excerpts from religious texts, and even succinct poems adorn companion or individual headstones, encapsulating profound sentiments. An oft-chosen classic is “Till death do us part,” symbolizing the enduring bond that extends beyond the boundaries of life.

Custom Monument Designs:

Infusing an element of uniqueness and visual intrigue, custom-shaped headstones deviate from traditional forms. Whether larger or smaller, these designs evoke emotions or create distinct visual impact. Ranging from elaborate angel sculptures to understated crosses, custom designs offer a spectrum of creative possibilities, albeit within budget and cemetery regulations.

Navigating Double Headstones in Case of Remarriage:

Suppose a couple shares a companion grave, yet one of the spouses remarries. In this scenario, burial arrangements and headstones warrant contemplation. Reassuringly, the widowed individual can decide how to proceed, potentially modifying their memorial to reflect their evolving circumstances.

In terms of the tombstone, engraving information adjacent to the previous spouse’s remains a meaningful gesture. This doesn’t undermine the significance of the prior relationship. Alternatively, both spouses may choose to rest near the first spouse, symbolizing honor for both unions.


Husband and wife headstones etch the love story and essence of a couple into the annals of eternity. These companion memorials allow friends and family to pay respects simultaneously, honoring the cherished bond that defined their lives.

Designing a couple headstone offers an opportunity for creativity that mirrors the unique relationship shared by the spouses. Inspiration can be found in existing graves, such as grandparents with a captivating love story. By visiting their resting place, insights into tombstone design may be gleaned, offering an avenue for personalization and homage.

We trust that this comprehensive guide will empower you to craft a couple headstone that encapsulates the enduring love and profound connection you shared with your spouse.


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